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People ‘need’ miniature version of card game after friends bought it by mistake

People ‘need’ miniature version of card game after friends bought it by mistake

It might have been a fail for the friends but now people are rushing to buy it for themselves

There’s always fails to be had when people don’t quite read the description of something they’re buying.

Maybe you end up a kids’ set of toy cooking utensils instead of actual usable items or perhaps an outfit for a doll instead of a human. Either way, it usually means it’s useless.

But for one group of friends, it ended up being a hilarious story.

And now people actually want the miniature thing they accidentally bought.

Racking up millions of views on TikTok, a user shared a video with the in-video text reading: “We bought a smaller box of Cards Against Humanity thinking it would be less cards.”

Now, you’ll likely know of the popular Cards Against Humanity but if not, it’s basically a pretty adult game where you fill-in-the-blanks with usually rude or offensive words and phrases.

The game is huge nowadays, after first being released in 2011 and you can get all sorts of versions of it - including a family-friendly version.

The original ‘main game’ has 600 cards in total and then you can scoop up extension packs with even more cards.

The cards are TINY.

So for a simpler game, it’s understandable why these friends may have hoped to pick up a pack with ‘less cards’ in.

However, as the video shows, they actually ended up with a smaller version of the game in physical size, rather than quality.

The friends sit holding tiny cards, looking rather serious as the caption reads: “We played the whole game.”

But despite this mishap, users commented to say: “I NEED MINI CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY RIGHT NOW. Where did you get it!?!?”

And another had already rushed to grab them, commenting: “I immediately bought them and don’t regret it, it’s so funny.”

While a third put: “Wait that would be so fun to bring to places tho.”

They even squint to read the cards.

Turns out you can buy the miniature pack yourself with the ‘Tiny’ version available on Amazon for £19.

Including all 600 cards from the main game, the description says: “Perfect for camping trips, shrink-ray mishaps, or smuggling into North Korea.

“Measures a minuscule 2.6" x 4.4" x 1.8" and weighs 9.7 oz, with 1.25" x 1.75" cards.”

It also jokingly claims to be 'America’s #1 goldfish coffin'.

Users joked it’s ‘such a Cards Against Humanity thing to do’ while others revealed the ‘same thing’ had happened to them. Many also said it’s ‘truly the nature’ of Cards Against Humanity.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/RaddyMaddy

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