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The Only Place In The World Which Has Bright Blue McDonald's Arches Instead Of Yellow

The Only Place In The World Which Has Bright Blue McDonald's Arches Instead Of Yellow

And there's a pretty interesting why

McDonald's and its Golden Arches are about as well-known as any brand can be, but did you know that there’s one restaurant where the ubiquitous arches are actually bright blue? Check it out:

Sedona in Arizona in the US, has turquoise-coloured arches and there’s a pretty interesting reason why.  

The city of Sedona is known for its outstanding natural beauty and is surrounded by stunning red rock mountains.

And because of this gorgeous scenery there are certain rules in place about what can and can’t be built in the area.

So, back in 1993 when the city was set to get a branch of the fast-food chain, officials were concerned that a brightly-coloured M on the side of the building would jar with the red rock. 


Instead, they opted for a more aesthetically pleasing shade of blue - which officials reckoned was a better fit for its surroundings.

The very ungolden arches remain to this day and have actually become a bit of a hit with tourists. And, if the idea of a bit of McDonald’s tourism appeals to you then you may fancy paying a visit to New York’s McMansion, which has been dubbed the ‘most beautiful McDonald’s in the world’.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘surely that title doesn’t have much competition?’ But it really is pretty swish.

The branch is set inside a stunning old-style white house, in the town of Nassau and features a huge double staircase, a dining veranda, and a lovely portico.

Prior to it being a McDonald’s, the venue had actually become dilapidated and was set to be bulldozed to make way for a new, more traditional, McDonald’s restaurant. 

Tdorante10/Wikimedia Commons

However, the locals weren’t happy with that and in 1988 it was declared an historic site, meaning that McDonald’s was unable to knock it down. 

Instead, it was decided that the building would be spruced up and given a new lease of life beneath the Golden Arches. 

The McDonald's New York regional vice president at the time said: "When we took over this building, it was a disaster, a real eyesore.

"There were pigeons all over. We had to gut the building, take it down to the rafters."

It opened in 1991 in its current form and hasn't changed a great deal since, save for the additions of some modern features like self-service screens and electronic menu boards.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/TikTok/@blakechiuminetta

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