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80-Year-Old Dua Lipa Superfan Has Incredible Reaction To Receiving Tickets For Birthday

80-Year-Old Dua Lipa Superfan Has Incredible Reaction To Receiving Tickets For Birthday

Richard kept asking his family: "Are you s*******g me?" when he realised what the piece of paper was for.

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

This is the heartwarming moment an 80-year-old Dua Lipa superfan realised he'd been gifted tickets to one of her gigs:

Richard was clearly bamboozled when he realised that his family had bought him concert tickets to an upcoming show where he'll be able to watch one of his favourite singers live.

His reaction was filmed by his granddaughter (TikTok user @kadiebernstein) and it has since gone viral with people all over the world commenting on the priceless response.

So much so that even the 26-year-old pop sensation has given it a watch... then shared it to her Instagram story alongside the caption: "OMG THIS MELTS MY HEART!!!"


When Kadie shared the video initially, she wrote alongside the clip: "Happy birthday Grandpa! @dualipaofficial your oldest fan!!"

The video reads: "My grandpa loves Dua Lipa so we got him tickets for his 80th birthday."

Richard can be seen reading out the ticket before looking up at his family, beaming and saying: "Are you s******g me? Are you s******g me? Really? Is this a real thing? Holy s**t."

Who knew a swearing man could be so adorable, eh?

People are now calling for Dua Lipa to get Richard on stage with her whenever he goes to the gig, with one person writing: "@dualipa if u don't get this man on stage."

While another added: "We all need him to get called up on stage @dualipa."


While others commented on how great he's looking for 80: "OK but is anyone going to talk about how good this man looks for 80 years old?"

Someone else asked for updates and we're definitely here for that.

They wrote: "We definitely need an update when this happens. I want to see him living his best life."

In an updated video, Kadie can be seen FaceTiming her granddad and telling him he was posted on Dua's Instagram story.

In response, Richard says: "Really? Can I see that, what do I do? Isn't this great? This is amazing. Really five minutes of fame - this is the greatest thing to ever happen to me."

Responding to the video, one person wrote: "He's probably the happiest man anywhere in the world at this point in time."

Deservedly so!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kadiebernstein

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