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People Are Divided Over How Much Meat You Should Eat Off Chicken Wings

People Are Divided Over How Much Meat You Should Eat Off Chicken Wings

The scale, which is going viral on social media, gives people the options of between one and five - one being a bite and five being the bone

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

You can always count on Twitter to settle a debate. Oh wait, let me start again... you can always count on Twitter to rile people up about anything and everything.

Take food as a prime example. It's always a winner on the social media platform. When food-based debates rise to the surface, it's inevitable that some people will make lifelong allies, whereas others will be told they 'deserve to spend the rest of their miserable lives behind bars'.

This brings us me seamlessly on to the latest disagreement: chicken wings.

Before we continue, I should mention that I'm in no position to state my feelings on the matter. This is because I don't eat chicken on the bone, but nonetheless I'm not judging the person who admitted that they 'suck all the bone marrow' so I'd appreciate the same level of respect. Please.

OK, that was a fib. I'm absolutely judging you. You're vile.

Anyway, back to the chicken wing scale. We're all familiar with the principles of this sort of debate - for reference, let's remind ourselves of the highly-contentious toast scale.

The wing scale goes from one to five - one representing the people who seemingly take one bite and leave the rest, and five summarising those who leave the bone with no trace of meat having ever been attached to it.


Of course, there are many people who class themselves somewhere between those two extremes. Take the original poster as a good example. They shared the picture alongside the caption: "I'm a 3 1/2."

Meaning they're somewhere in the middle of these two beauties:


Commenting on the post, one person wrote: "Who ever 1-3 is, y'all some serial killers and deserve to spend the rest of yah miserable life behind bars for the disrespect."

Another added: "If I fry you chicken you better be a 4 or 5 or you can get the hell outta my house."

And a third posted: "Me is 5.5 coz I'm chomping that top and bottom parts and sucking all the bone marrow."


Another user said: "I have a chicken wing tattooed [sic] on me. I'll go to jail if you're eating with me and ain't at least at a 4."

Hilariously, one reply gave an explanation for each number on the scale. They wrote: "5: respect 4: minimum requirement 3: is a waste 2: the wing fryer gets a free slap 1: lifetime ban from the establishment seriously don't come back."

Not agreeing that a 5 = respect, another user wrote: "All the 5s need to chill, what do you lick your plates clean too? have some decency. 4s get the job done while still retaining some self-respect."

How will we ever get along?

Featured Image Credit: PA

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