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People Are Sharing Their Mates' Nicknames And How They Came About

People Are Sharing Their Mates' Nicknames And How They Came About

We all love our pals - which is why we can call them names they absolutely don't appreciate

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

John, Ben, Becky, Dave - they're all a bit common aren't they? Sometimes then, for practical reasons, it just makes sense to rename your pals.

Keen to hear the very best of 'em, we asked you to share your favourite nicknames and the stories behind them, and you didn't disappoint.

Many of your responses sadly aren't fit for publication, but I reckon we can just about get away with the short stories below.

One bloke replied: "Sample - mate goes to join Fire Service and woman gives him brown envelope and tube and asks for a sample.

"He goes off comes back gives the brown envelope and woman screams 'NO PEE SAMPLE'. He's gone and j***** in the tube, now known as Sample!"

Wow. Suppose he got off lightly really, 'cause they could've just nicknamed him 'J***'.

Another shared: "Had a friend always used to walk in front of us we call him 'FatNav'."

Sure he loved that.

Will from The Inbetweeners perhaps became better known as Briefcase W***er.
Channel 4

Another said: "My dad has a mate who has got half his ear missing and his nickname is 'eighteen months' because he's only got an ear and a half..."

That is great. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but great nonetheless.

There were plenty more gems shared, of varying degrees of cruelty.

A fourth wrote: "One of my dads school mates was called 'photo finish' because he used to walk with his top half leaned forward."

Another shared: "A lad I know who's an electrician, one of the old boys he works with who's about 70 and also an electrician gets called Jurassic Spark."

Does anyone even know what Del Boy's real name is?

A sixth said: "I can't take credit for this as I read it online but I always think of the guy who was named 'Wayne Bruce' so his mates called him 'Manbat'."

Another wrote: "There's a guy at work that has one leg shorter than the other, which causes his head to bob side to side.

"They call him the Sniper's Nightmare."

Outstanding work everyone.

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