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Woman Captures Selfish Parents Stealing Sweets On Doorbell Camera

Woman Captures Selfish Parents Stealing Sweets On Doorbell Camera

Elizabeth Peck shared the video from Halloween 2020 of parents tipping an entire bowl of doorstep treats into what looks like a sack

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A woman has shared the moment she caught parents taking all of the doorstep goodies on Halloween last year:

The video, which was shared on TikTok by Elizabeth Peck (@llizzie.mllizzie.m), shows the woman and man walking up the path with a youngster in one hand and a younger child in a carrier.

The people living in the house, which was decorated with pumpkins placed on straw bales, had left a bowl on the porch which was filled with spooky treats.

Upon seeing the sweets, the trick or treating couple pulled out a sack and opted to pour the contents of the bowl into the sack instead of just grabbing a few bits for their children.


After pouring the sweets into the bag, the woman quickly walks off back down the drive.

Sharing the clip, which has taken in 2020, Elizabeth explained: "I was in bed eating candy watching and laughing."

People were not impressed with the video, with one saying: "The biggest crime they committed is teaching their children to do wrong and be sneaky."

Another added: "Why they gotta ruin it for other people's kids? Like really, teaching your kids selfish things."

A third shared their own experience, writing: "You have no idea. We bought all FULL size bars for any kids wanting to come out last year and a PARENT stole all 100+ bars."


Sharing a glimmer of hope for those losing every ounce of it, someone else said: "Terrible. There is hope though. I saw a video where a bowl was empty and a kid left some of their candy behind so other kids could get some."

Others even admitted to doing this themselves, with one saying: "Ok not going to lie after 10.00pm I do this. Bc [because] by that time most of the younger kids are home."

They added: "I usually don't take it all if I see other people out but honestly people should know this is what teens do and should be prepared to not have any left."

Replying to them, someone explained: "That doesn't mean you're entitled to it? Maybe the person who set it out would like to enjoy some too. Buy your own candy."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@llizzie.m

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