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Artist Visited By The Cops Because Of His Gruesome Halloween Decorations

Artist Visited By The Cops Because Of His Gruesome Halloween Decorations

The cops thought it was 'cool' but his neighbours might think differently

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Members of the public, as well as a number of police officers, got the fright of their lives when they set eyes up the gruesome Halloween decorations put up by an artist in Dallas, Texas.

Steven Novak decided to go the extra mile this spooky season and used about two gallons of fake blood to create the grisly murder scenes that adorn his fairly normal house.

The display features a body bag, as well as a man killed with a chainsaw, and a handful of other macabre lawn dressings.

In fact, the Halloween decorations caused such a stir that the police were called on several occasions following complaints from neighbours.

Facebook/Steven Novak

Despite that, the police officers said that they thought that the decorations - if you can call them that - were 'cool'.

There's a wheelbarrow full of limbs, several corpses, and absolutely loads of splattered blood. As Halloween scenes go, this is truly the gold standard.

You'd expect nothing less, given that Novak is actually an artist based out of East Dallas.

Using dummies, he's created any number of horrific deaths, including a dummy that has been hit by a safe, one that has been stabbed through the head, and another that appears to have been crushed to death with a garden bench.

Facebook/Steven Novak

It's pretty creative, you've got to admit.

Inside the window of the house, there's even a gaggle of zombies. No stone has been left unturned in the search for Halloween spirit, here.

Novak's favourite is the wheelbarrow full of dismembered limbs, though. He explained how it is supposed to look like a 'failed attempt to dispose of the dismembered bodies in the middle of the night.'

It's fair to say he achieved that artistic aim.

Facebook/Steven Novak

Addressing his unwarranted visits from the coppers, he told the Dallas Observer: "Neighbours told me cop cars were in front of my house a lot during the day.

"I was only home twice to receive them.

"They told me they thought it was cool and that they were only there because they were required to reply to complaints from the sergeant."

Facebook/Steven Novak

Given the weather at this time of year - even in Texas - Novak's creations do require some upkeep. With that in mind, he's been periodically 'watering' the corpses to ensure that the fake blood doesn't wash away completely and maintains its intended impact.

He continued: "'It was raining a lot and washing the blood away so I indefatigably 'watered' the bodies every morning for a while to the dismay of early dog walkers and joggers."

You can imagine he won't be receiving many trick or treaters this year either, coronavirus or not.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Steven Novak

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