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The 'weird' bedroom kink thousands are scared to admit to liking

The 'weird' bedroom kink thousands are scared to admit to liking

People get shy at the prospect of bringing the fetish up to their partners

Whatever you get up to behind closed doors and in the bedroom is your business.

If you and your partner are both down for it, there's nothing wrong with getting a bit adventurous while you're between the sheets - but there is one bedroom kink that thousands of people are too scared to suggest to their significant other.

It's hardly surprising that all these people are shy about bringing it up, seen as though it's got a reputation for being pretty 'weird' and a Channel 4 documentary exploring the fetish didn't exactly do the cause any favours.

The fetish is more popular than you might think.
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But there is safety in numbers - so if you're a part of the growing percentage of people who are partial to a bit of 'adult breastfeeding', just know you are not alone.

According to Lovehoney's sex and relationships expert, Annabelle Knight, erotic lactation is actually a pretty big business with an increasing number of fans.

She explained that the fact it is regarded as a taboo subject only adds to the allure of it for a lot of people, as it makes the unusual bedroom behaviour 'seem more exciting'.

The sexpert said that common fantasies include 'role-playing scenarios where one partner assumes the role of a nursing mother while the other takes on the role of the baby'.

Apparently, it makes the unusual bedroom behaviour 'seem more exciting'.
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Others might enjoy doing it to themselves, watching porn, or by 'using props such as lactation-themed lingerie or adult breastfeeding equipment'.

Annabelle told Metro: "There are theories that suggest that the motherly and nurturing aspect of breastfeeding can evoke feelings of intimacy and trust, which can possibly add to its appeal in a sexual setting.

"People of all genders, sexual orientations, and backgrounds may have this fetish. However, people who have a fascination with nurturing behaviours or maternal attributes may be more inclined to explore this fantasy."

There's not a lot of science-backed studies or groundbreaking research on the origin of the kink, despite the fact its been around for more than a century.

People get shy about bringing the kink up to their partners.
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German philosopher Carl Buttenstedt claimed that breastfeeding could assist married couples in deepening their sexual bond way back in 1903, but it's clearly not got any easier for people to bring up in the bedroom all these years on.

A survey conducted by The Sunday Times in 2005 found that 25 percent to 33 percent of married men had suckled their wife’s breasts.

It's thought that the fact that breastfeeding is largely associated with babies and pregnancy makes people a little embarrassed at the prospect of bringing it up with their partners.

But a bloke called Joel - who engages in breastfeeding with his wife - said it is far from an 'adult nursing or infantile pretence' and is just an 'intensely personal, sexually pleasurable and highly erotic act’.

Annabelle's only stipulation is that those who explore this fetish ensure that it is 'safe and consensual' while steering clear of taking risky medications which can induce milk for the sake of exploring the fantasy.

"Most of all, it’s important to communicate openly with your partner about your boundaries and desires," she added. "And of course, as with any fetish or kink, practicing safe consensual sex is paramount."

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