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People Horrified After Lad Installs Urinal In Unconventional Spot In His Home

People Horrified After Lad Installs Urinal In Unconventional Spot In His Home

People have been left baffled by the urinal, which has been strategically stuffed into a cupboard

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

A living room cupboard usually holds coats, shoes, Christmas decorations, etc. However one guy had different ideas with what he wanted to do with his cubbyhole when he put... a urinal in there.



As well as the little loo area, the Reddit user had also had a little sink plumbed in as well as what looks like some little hand towels and a shelf.

The entrance to the cupboard has two white wooden doors and as soon as they're open the little bathroom set up is right there - behind the brown leather sofa.

We guess it's one way to use up the space, but it seems people aren't sure whether the unconventional layout is genius or just plain gross.


Posting the loo on to Reddit, the guy - called u/KerbalEnginner on the social platform - wrote: "Closet improvement," and people didn't know how to react.

Responding to the post, one impressed Redditer wrote: "Makes sense to me. Need [to] pause and go to another room otherwise, don't miss a second of that game, baby."

Another added: "There should be a mirror above it so you don't have to twist ya neck to see while ya pee."

PhotoStock-Israel/Alamy Stock Photo

A third - who seems to really need a cupboard loo - added: "I once peed in my closet while almost completely blacked out. For some reason my drunk mind thought there was a urinal in there.

"Thankfully my urine was so diluted that it didn't leave much of a smell. That said, cleaning it up the next day still sucked."

TMI, but whatever.

Someone else, who thinks it's a great idea, said: "I'm literally peeing in the utility sink in my basement as I look at this pic, kicking myself for not having thought of it."

Others were left reeling at the thought, one said: "That's f****** disgusting. Who's the contractor that made this?"

And another wrote: "As someone that worked in plumbing as a teen - urinals are way more disgusting than toilets.

"Urine gets everywhere and they often have low water flow, so things don't get taken away as effectively, leading to much worse smells.

"Having worked on urinals, I would never want one in my home - 'man cave' or not. Even if it were surrounded by tile, I'd pass."

Featured Image Credit: Andrew Paterson/Alamy Stock Photo

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