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Man Stands Woman Up On Date Before Getting Mum To Call And Ask For Another

Tom Wood

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Man Stands Woman Up On Date Before Getting Mum To Call And Ask For Another

A woman who was stood up by her date, who then lied about his father being in hospital and got his mum to call her to beg for another date, has told her story on TikTok. You can hear her bizarre tale in the video below.


Susan 'Mason' Moussette is a 40-year-old radio host from Texas, and also appears to have some pretty strange luck in the dating world.

Luckily, she's used her TikTok account to tell us all about this particular story, which also shares some voice messages from the bloke after their planned date.


Of course, it never actually happened, which seems to be a slice of luck for Susan.

She explained: "I took a nap so that I would be all rested and fresh. I showered. I did my hair. I looked good. And then I sat in a restaurant for a half an hour waiting for him, and he never showed up,

"He then called me two hours later to let me know that his dad was in the hospital. And then he called me after that to tell me that his dad wasn't actually in the hospital and that he lied.

"He then proceeded to leave me about five or six additional voicemails."


Right, you'd think that might be the end of it, but you'd be wrong.

She then shared some messages in which the man sounds pretty annoyed that he hasn't had a call back, despite standing her up and admitting that he lied.

Credit: TikTok/@masononthemic
Credit: TikTok/@masononthemic

He said: "It's been an hour and I haven't really heard from you, which I don't think is very cool. I talked to my friends, and they said I should have heard something from you by now.


"I know you are busy with work and everything like that, but I basically spilled my guts to you, you know, was super honest with you, and I just don't think it's fair that you're not calling me back.

"This is not cool.

"You know, honestly, I'm starting to rethink things, and I dunno, if I don't hear from you in the next say 30 minutes, I'm sorry I just don't think it's going to work out."

In a remarkable change of heart, he then leaves another message saying he hasn't 'been treated very well over the years' and gets 'really upset sometimes'.


He added: "You said you were different. I thought you were different.

"I just get a little upset when I feel like somebody is not being honest with me after I've been honest with them.

"I didn't mean to yell."

Credit: TikTok/@masononthemic
Credit: TikTok/@masononthemic

Well, he definitely did next time.

"Why haven't you called me back! How could somebody do that to somebody else?" he ranted.

"I've told you that this has happened in the past. You said you weren't going to do it. You said it happened to you and it happened to me. That's why we got along so well.

"I have left several messages spilling my heart to you.

"All I'm asking for is a call back, and we can go on a date. I can treat you really nice. I really can. I just don't understand girls like you. I thought you were different."

In other messages, the man even suggested that he might take 'legal action' against her, to which Susan joked that she was now 'frightened for her life'.

"The level of crazy that am immersed in right now with this man who will not stop leaving me voicemails. I should be frightened," she said.

"I should be very scared for my safety, and yet I am also so amused."

Credit: TikTok/@masononthemic
Credit: TikTok/@masononthemic

It got more amusing, too.

His mum then got involved, telling her: "I know I should not be calling you right now, that this is none of my business, but I have a habit sometimes of trying to make things right."

She said her son 'told her what happened' and said that whilst 'what he did was not right' he's a 'good, kind boy' who deserves 'another shot'.

His mum even invited her over for dinner and board games, which you'd imagine she'll decline.

Naturally, most people online agree with her choice to stay out of it.

One said: "You dodged a whole family of crazy."

Another said: "I'm so glad he didn't show up for the first date. Someone was watching out for you!"

A third added: "How many more red flags is he going to give away."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@masononthemic

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Tom Wood
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