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Woman spends 15 years getting petty revenge on man that spat on her friend at comedy show

Woman spends 15 years getting petty revenge on man that spat on her friend at comedy show

She managed to track the man down on social media

A woman claims to have spent years exacting revenge on a man who spat on her pal at a comedy show. Seems fair.

Linda Solley Hurd took to TikTok, to share the story with her followers, and let me tell you, it's quite the tale.

Linda starts by explaining that it all started 15 years back when she and some of her college friends went to a comedy show. During the evening, one of her friends stood up and managed to accidentally kick over a chair, which caused the bloke sitting beside her to spill his drink over himself.

Linda Solley Hurd took to TikTok to share her revenge tale.

Although Linda’s friend apologised profusely for the accident, he called her a ‘stupid, fat b***h’ and even spat at her. Gross.

Linda says the following the incident, they ‘move on with their night’ but, she adds, they ‘do not move on with our lives’.

The next day she sets about finding the man on Facebook and here she discovers that he’s ‘obsessed’ with the TV shows Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.

So, armed with that knowledge, she made a bunch of fake Facebook accounts and began to scour the internet for any spoilers related to his favourite shows, which she would then message him. Ouch.

Linda said as quickly as he would block an account, she’d simply create another and continue to message him.

After a few months of this, the novelty wears off and Linda quits ruining his favourite shows on a weekly basis - but then, the following semester at college, as luck would have it, he ends up being in one of her classes.

Linda claims that in class he would play ‘Devil’s advocate’ for ‘every trash opinion’ someone could have and says it made her question why she had stopped sending spoilers.

However, seemingly wise to the plan the man no longer shared his favourite TV shows on his social media pages. I can’t say I blame him.

But in class she does spy his Reddit profile and is able to find out his likes there and continue to send him spoilers every now and again.

Again, Linda eventually loses interest and for ‘eight years’ she leaves the man alone.

Until one day, she discovers that a ‘friend of a friend’ who is ‘like an angel’ ends up getting engaged to… yeah, you guessed it - that guy.

She scoured the internet to find spoilers for his favourite shows to send to him.

Linda decides to check out what he’s been doing over the last eight years and checks out his Reddit profile where she discovers some ‘sinister stuff’ such as ‘pictures that he’s passing off as [his fiancée]’ - the sort of things, Linda says, that ‘if it were your partner, you would want to know’.

Reactivating one of her old fake Facebook accounts, Linda sends the man’s Reddit profile to his wife-to-be and urges her to ‘check it out’, which she does - shortly before she breaks off the engagement.

The woman is now happily married - to a different bloke, of course - with kids and a ‘thriving business’ and as for him? Well, Linda finishes the clip by saying: “I have no idea what he’s doing. But yeah, you shouldn't assault women and call them b***hes.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@lindasolleyhurd

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