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Woman Shares Bizarre Theory Behind Mysterious Staircases In The Woods

Claire Reid

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Woman Shares Bizarre Theory Behind Mysterious Staircases In The Woods

A woman has shared a creepy conspiracy theory about mysterious staircases that can sometimes be found in the woods. You can check out the clip here:


TikTok user Jessii Vee - or @jessiivee - regularly scares her four million followers with her spooky tales, and her latest one is no exception.

In a clip about the random staircases sometimes found in woodland areas, Jessii said: "If you ever see a random staircase in the woods, you have to get away as fast as you can - never climb them.


"There was a story going around a couple of years ago, stating that there are abandoned staircases in national forests around the world, like deep, deep in the forest, away from anybody.

"It's just a staircase, no other structure attached to it.

"Some stairs are in ruins, some are perfectly sturdy, some are iron spirals like the kind you'd find in a lighthouse and they literally just reach up to nowhere.

"There are so many different theories as to why these stairs are there and what actually happens when you climb them.


"Only a few have ever dared to climb the staircases and the people who have report feeling unnerved and unwelcome or even nauseous when they're up on the stairs.

"Some people say the stairs lead to another dimension, other people say it leads to Hell. Others say that's why so many people and kids go missing in national forests, because they climb these stairs and they are never seen again."

The clip has now been viewed almost two million times and has given people the creeps, with one follower commenting: "I'm kinda scared now because I go hiking a lot."

Another wrote: "Not even lying this is kind of scary."

Credit: TikTok/@jessiivee
Credit: TikTok/@jessiivee

While a third person added: "Now I have another fear and I hate having fears."

Stay safe out there, guys.

Earlier this year, a fellow TikToker shared another bizarre conspiracy theory about cannibal caves hidden away inside US national parks.


TikToker Dan, or @danthedingbat21, stitched a video from a fellow TikTok user who spoke about the high number of people who disappear in US country parks never to be seen again.

But Dan reckons that if you look at maps of the US cave system, you'll see there's a high number of disappearances around them - something she believes could be due to cannibals.

In the clip, she explained: "If you look up where people go missing in national parks, it directly correlates to the cave system in the US.

"I know you have all seen videos where they talk about cannibals being in the woods and there just being feral people out in the woods.


"I kind of think there are communities of those people and they take people when they can."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jessiivee

Topics: Weird, TikTok

Claire Reid
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