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The 'Bigfoot' sighting caught on video that left experts baffled

The 'Bigfoot' sighting caught on video that left experts baffled

Is this finally the proof people have been looking for that Bigfoot is real?

There are countless videos out there claiming to be cold hard proof that Bigfoot exists, but most the time, these clips can be explained away by a blurry camera or as a prankster in a costume.

However, there's one video that has left even sasquatch aficionados scratching their heads over whether it could be real.

You can see it for yourself below:

The video was shared online after being captured by the Cass River in Michigan, where a hulking brown figure appears to wade into the water with something in its arms.

The creature walks out into the middle of the river as the person behind the camera looks on, no doubt holding their breath to avoid finding out what happens when you come face-to-face with a massive mythical creature.

With no immediate explanation available for the scene, the video racked up thousands of views and caught the attention of investigator Kyle Shaw of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization (RSMO).

Shaw took a look at the footage for himself, but admitted even he didn't have a definitive answer.

He confessed: "I'm not saying this is Bigfoot, and I'm not saying it isn't."

Well, that sure is helpful.

Shaw continued: "This is obviously shot with a cell phone at 880×656 resolution. It's 30 frames per second. It isn't the greatest footage. It's all we have to go with so you be the judge on what you think it is. I don't know what it is."

What do you make of this potential Bigfoot sighting?
Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

So far his 'insight' feels rather like stating that obvious, but he at least continued with further details, indicating the creature might not have been alone.

He continued: "A lot of what's going on in this says to me it's something moving through the river, pushing a wake, and it appears to be carrying an infant.

"The infant's head is behind the mother or father. It must be lying on the left shoulder and kind of in the back, but you can see the torso, leg, and foot of the baby. Just incredible."

Even though expert Shaw didn't have an answer, other internet users were convinced they knew exactly what the creature was, or claimed they'd know if they could only get a better look.

One user said: "It's a man in waders with a mosquito net over his head."

However, another argued: "If you or I saw this we would film it until it was no longer visible. I think the reason its [sic] so short is because it was originally much longer, but its been clipped up to the point where its difficult to tell its someone in waders crossing a river with a deer."

Ultimately, the clip has left us with more questions than answers.

Could this be the proof people have spent decades searching for that Bigfoot is real? Is there a baby Bigfoot? And, most importantly, is it cute?

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

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