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New drone footage of 'Bigfoot' described as the best evidence yet

New drone footage of 'Bigfoot' described as the best evidence yet

Many believe the drone footage captures 'Bigfoot', though others have been left far from convinced.

The mystery of Bigfoot is one that has been talked about for many a year; one that has very much been bundled with the UFO talk over the years.

While like UFO's, there is not much evidence Bigfoot actually exists, with most of the time it turning out to be a bloke in an animal costume when a sighting is reported.

Nonetheless, the enthusiasm for tracking down the beast doesn't seem to waiver, with some people's jobs literally being to try and find Bigfoot.

The similarities to UFOs don't stop, as an endless stream of 'footage' has been reported from alleged sightings of the large beast.

And that doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon, with one such video doing the rounds on TikTok in recent days.

Drone footage of 'Bigfoot' has been doing the rounds on TikTok.
YouTube/Kens Karpentry

The footage originally posted to YouTube by Kens Karpentry, was re-uploaded in part by a popular influencer on TikTok known as The Paranormal Chic.

And as you can guess by the name, she discusses all things spooky to her large following.

In a on-screen caption, the TikToker simply wrote 'Bigfoot is real', before telling her followers how impressed she was by the drone footage of Bigfoot captured by Ken.

She said: "It's one of the best recordings of what looks to be like a Bigfoot caught on camera."

The footage shows a drone camera flying over a snow-filled forest in the US, with Ken gasping and saying: "What in the world? What is that?"

As his shock heightens, the camera focuses on a tall, hairy figure walking through the forest - very much looking like Bigfoot.

"No way. Are you serious?" Ken adds, as the drone closes in on Bigfoot, and more details surrounding the creature are revealed.

Ken acted shocked after the sighting.
YouTube/Kens Karpentry

On TikTok, many Bigfoot believers took to the comment section to say the footage is 'evidence' the creature does exist.

"I believe it. but if you have a drone drop it closer to the ground next time for better angle," one person wrote.

Despite the footage, others were not convinced, with one non-believer penning: "Still not convinced. Its reaction to a foreign sound isn’t true. Bigfoot is so elusive and a foreign sound like that drone would scare it off I think."

But what a lot of viewers who viewed the TikTok hadn't done is watched the original drone footage on YouTube.

Now, if you watch that, Ken admits the video is actually a prank.

So, it appears the hunt for Bigfoot continues.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Kens Karpentry

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