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‘Insecure’ guy absolutely roasted after list of ‘rules’ for girlfriend is exposed

‘Insecure’ guy absolutely roasted after list of ‘rules’ for girlfriend is exposed

Any prospective girlfriend has to meet 10 of his 21 requirements and some of them are quite insane

A guy's list of requirements for any potential girlfriends he might have has been discovered and people are absolutely ripping him to shreds over his unrealistic demands.

Pretty much everyone has a bit of criteria for the kind of person they're looking for in a prospective partner, but there's finding someone who fits with your preferences and whatever level of insanity this is.

The list was discovered and posted onto the Reddit group r/ChoosingBeggars, which is all about people being much too picky in a position where they really can't afford to be.

Normally when seeing someone put themselves out there in the search for love we'd wish them the best of luck, but not this time as that might imply that we'd want this guy's insane checklist for women he wanted to date to succeed in any way, shape or form.

Looking through the list, it's pretty clear that he's not really looking for a girlfriend, he's looking for a hybrid of a maid, mother and sex doll.

With the 21 entry list titled '10 Rules for my gf's', he's either already failed basic numerical comprehension or is willing to accept someone who only partially fits his insane demands, not that lowering his requirements is likely to help in any way.

The list of demands, form an orderly queue ladies.

Top of the list is '5'6 or below', followed by a demand for a girl with 'blue/green eyes' before we hit the absolutely massive red flag of 'isn't too confident or self secure'.

If you weren't already running for this hills at this point, you soon will be as he then demands you 'willingly will cook', have 'no male friends' and 'will not talk back during disagreements', which suggests he really doesn't understand how disagreeing works.

While the requirement for '18 or above' is one of the less crazy asks of the checklist, he then veers into complete bats**t insanity by demanding that the girl 'will give me 5 sons' which really isn't how human biology works.

Quite how he thinks this is something within her power to decide is unclear, but he could do with spending a bit of time getting acquainted with a biology textbook.

New research says men in relationships are one of three types, and if that's true, then this guy is the most traditional of 'Neo-Traditionalists'.

The rest of the list is similarly unhinged with demands of 'no celebrity crushes', 'will dress as the way I tell her', 'isn't career/degree focused' and will 'follow basic instructions' whenever he gives them.

Needless to say (but we'll say it anyway), Reddit has been utterly roasting this guy and his ridiculous, not to mention biologically impossible, demands.

We don't know why these women are running but we can safely assume it's to get away from this guy.
Alys Tomlinson/Getty Images

One asked 'you think this donk has any idea how reproductive biology works' (he clearly doesn't) while another joked that 'he can't even count to 10' considering he'd posted a total of 21 demands.

Someone else said his demand for 'no past trauma' was one hell of a red flag as they guessed 'he wants to be the one to traumatize'.

Plenty of others also compared his demand for five sons to Henry VIII and pointed out that the sex of a child comes from a father since it's the sperm that determines whether a baby will be a boy or girl.

Another wondered if he was expecting the mother of his children to 'drop babies like Leo DiCaprio drops dates after they age' until he had the five sons he wanted.

The crazy checklist was described as the 'list of an insecure person and control freak', while another said it read more like an 'abuser' to them and someone else said he 'thinks Gilead is the ideal society'.

One commenter summed up the general gist of people's attitudes towards this guy by saying 'f**k this incel POS'.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/WiseJufhh/Reddit

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