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Influencer tapes nose every night for 'mini nose job' as part of 'reverse ageing process'

Influencer tapes nose every night for 'mini nose job' as part of 'reverse ageing process'

Isabelle Lux's beauty tip has gone viral on TikTok as social media users were left stunned by her unorthodox method.

There are all sorts of beauty hacks floating around the internet, but using a bit of tape to give yourself a 'mini nose job' is a new one.

Although strapping up your schnozzle is a part of the post-op care after undergoing rhinoplasty, this influencer claims you can get good results without going under the knife.

Take a look at another social media user giving the trend a go here:

Isabelle Lux shared a TikTok video detailing her evening ritual before climbing into bed, showing off what she dubbed a 'reverse aging' hack.

She promised it's 'super easy' to do, and explained she applies the tape about an hour after completing her skincare regimen, to ensure that it remains stuck to her face throughout the night.

The New Yorker told her legion of followers that she uses budget kinesiology tape, which is typically applied to treat sports injuries as it aids muscle movement and reduces swelling.

But she warned people rushing to make an Amazon order that it is important to pick up a product which is gentle enough to use on their face.

Revealing the ins and outs of her taping routine, Isabelle explained: "I basically give myself a mini nose job every single night while I sleep.

Isabelle shared the details of her mini nose job hack with her TikTok followers.

"I just use scissors and I cut out little strips, I make one thinner and one thicker," she said. "The tape itself is like a sticker, so there's a little peel off that you have to do."

The social media star said she usually makes the strips in advance to save time, so she has a 30-strong stockpile on her nightstand ready to grab.

She continued: "Taking the thinner strip that I made, I'll go right underneath my nose and kind of lift it up and that's what's gonna create that button shape.

"I also like to hold it here for a couple of seconds. That way it doesn't peel off overnight.

"Taking a thicker piece, pull it tight and then stick it right over the top [of her nose]. I personally like to create this shape because it makes a little button on my nose."

She said this technique also doubles as a breathing aid as it 'kind of expands your nostrils', so you can kill two birds with one stone.

"You can even go along the bridge of your nose," Isabelle added. "I don't personally get swelling there, so it doesn't do much for me."

The influencer said the taping technique was 'super easy' to do and gives great results.

But she assured beauty lovers that the 'sky is the limit' with her bizarre method to achieve a 'mini nose job' overnight, although some social media users were a bit sceptical about the supposed results.

One commented: "I only got one question, why?"

Another said: "To anyone watching this, nose taping DOES NOT reshape the nose and is not what it's used for."

A third added: "You can't reshape your nose. Why make yourself uncomfortable on purpose?"

A fourth fumed: "We are most definitely living in a dystopian nightmare at this point."

Others were more willing to give the influencer's taping tip a try and thanked Isabelle for sharing her 'nose job hack' online.

One wrote: "Girl I'm obsessed with you! All the best DIY beauty."

A second chimed in: "I'm doing this tonight."

And a third excitedly added: "Wow! That's actually an amazing idea."

If you catch me taped up to the nines while I'm peeling back the sheets tonight, mind your business.

Featured Image Credit: isabella.lux/TikTok

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