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‘Living Nostradamus’ issues warning to humanity after first 2024 prediction came true

‘Living Nostradamus’ issues warning to humanity after first 2024 prediction came true

The parapsychologist has revealed all on his powers and warned us about one specific thing in 2024

If you've been reading the news recently, you'll have heard of the man who has been branded the 'Living Nostradamus'.

Athos Salomé is a trained parapsychologist and psychic, known for his damning predictions about the world.

The 37-year-old was most recently proved right when he predicted there was a coronal mass ejection (CME) headed for Earth, as we witnessed one of the biggest solar storms since 2017 this month.

He said this would be followed by 'three days of darkness', and a total solar eclipse is due in April.

Athos Salome has made several predictions about the world, with many coming true.

The Brazilian has over 76k followers on Instagram, and his often correct predictions about the world have been published on several news outlets, as he even predicted the details of Kate Middleton's health issues, though he claimed she would be struggling with bone and joint issues rather than undergoing cancer treatment.

Salomé has spoken exclusively to LADbible about how and when he got his psychic powers, how he deals with doubters, his biggest admission about 2024 and how we can see the future too.

"I'm the great-grandson of a sorcerer"

The 'Living Nostradamus' said he knew from an early age that he was different, despite medical professionals finding nothing wrong with him.

He insists that he never considered having 'powers', but he felt like the human mind could do more and see more than we all think.

Salomé further explained: "I'm a descendant of gypsies and the great-grandson of a sorcerer, which is how I consolidated what I did and saw, whether it was paranormal abilities, the development of the pineal gland or super abilities."

The 'Living Nostradamus' has made several predictions about space.
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"Everyone has this 'power', you just have to want to access it."

When asked about where his powers came from exactly, he again attributed his 'abilities' to his family that came from 'the mystical world', which helped to hone his skills.

"I searched for knowledge and never found it, I met different religions, Masters and none of them were able to help me with how to access the invisible world and I searched for my development on my own," he revealed.

"Everyone has this 'power', you just have to want to access it.

"For many people, talking about Paranormality can still be taboo, but I can assure you that it's simpler than you might think, without fantasies and paranoia."

Essentially, he believes that anyone can do what he does, as long as they accept that it is real and if they start to open themselves to accessing 'the invisible world'.

Playing his 'powers' down, he also insists that all he does is 'transcribe what the universe makes clear'.

"I don't need validation to prove what I do"

Responding to what he thinks of doubters and haters, he simply stated: "Honestly? I don't waste time with people who don't have beliefs, I don't need validation to prove what I do, science and the paranormal have always been together.

"There is just a fight of 'egos' between them to see who has more or who can do more, in the end they come to the same conclusion with different words."

Despite the doubts from many online, he claims nothing will stand in his way of helping people 'to find themselves again'.

He claims that we all have the power to see the future like he can.
Athos Salome

"People need to get out of the Matrix"

A term that you will have heard a lot over the past few years, the Brazilian psychic has also urged people to escape 'The Matrix'.

"People need to get out of the Matrix, break out of the bubble," he professed.

He also cited the Kabbalah, a school of thought in Jewish mysticism, in helping him realise 'forecasts' which help him anticipate 'a vision'.

But while following faith is good according to Salomé, he claims: "Excessive dogma (a body of beliefs set by a religion) and followings lead to ruin".

"About the 2024 predictions, observe the 'AIs'"

When asked which of his 2024 predictions he wants people to pay closest attention to, he simply said to 'observe the AIs'.

In his predictions, he stated that AI would help us contact the dead, enhance the pervasiveness of CCTV and assist with experimenting on humans, though in a way to enhance our knowledge of our 'cosmic origins', among other predictions.

Chilling if any of these are true, with many people already taken aback by the advancement in AI over the past couple of years.

The parapsychologist concluded: "We are energy, our magnetism is capable of building a better world."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@athos_salome / Getty Stock Photo

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