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'Living Nostradamus' issues warning to world claiming 'worst is yet to come' in worrying prediction

'Living Nostradamus' issues warning to world claiming 'worst is yet to come' in worrying prediction

The end is nigh... again

A man who has been referred to as the 'living Nostradamus' has issued a new warning to the world as he claims the 'worst is yet to come'.

If there's one industry which has enjoyed a boom over the past couple of years, it's Doomsday predictors.

Thanks to the eternally revolving door of geo-political crisis and conflicts, it's very easy to point at everything going on and declare that we are quickly approaching the end times.

In fact, it often feels like you're risking being faced with the end of the world every day you get out of bed, wich is nice.

Scary times.

The latest in the long line of people proclaiming the end is nigh is Athos Salomé, a 36-year-old parapsychologist from Brazil.

What the hell is a parapsychologist, I hear you ask? A parapsychologist is someone who studies paranormal phenomena for a living. Parapsychologists will often also claim to have psychic abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis and clairvoyance, but obviously, nobody can actually do these things, right? Right?

Anyway, unlike most psychics, Salomé would appear to have some form when it comes to making predictions about mankind's future, with the Brazilian claiming to have foresaw the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Elon Musk buying Twitter and the coronavirus pandemic.

Now Salomé has shared his thoughts on what to expect in 2024 - and its not looking good for humanity.

Just another day after the apocalypse. (Getty Stock Images)
Just another day after the apocalypse. (Getty Stock Images)

Speaking in an interview with The Daily Mail, Salomé has warned 'the worst is yet to come' as AI technology is integrated into modern warfare.

"We are approaching an era where technology plays a role, in conflicts. AI is increasingly integral to weapon systems serving both defensive purposes," he said.

"The worst is yet to come, as the great leaders, adherents of occultism, use these practices to achieve surgical precision and choose the exact moment for their attacks and major events."

Salomé highlighted clashes between China and the Philippines as well as the ongoing conflict on Russia's boarders as potential future hotspots.

He also added that governments need to be aware of cyber attacks, as they have the potential to 'cripple' nations.

At least this apocalypse prediction involves a technological catastrophe and not nightmare zombies at least.

Salomé claims his predictions are often misunderstood. (Instagram/ @athos_salome)
Salomé claims his predictions are often misunderstood. (Instagram/ @athos_salome)

The constant barrage of doomsday predictions often feel very draining and often leave people wondering 'how come psychic's can never give us a positive prediction about the future?'.

Cynics will also say its really easy to make vague ominous predictions about the future and point to obvious things like AI and cyber warfare as examples, adding that you don't need to be psychic to see these things coming.

However, Salomé is keen to stress that his predictions are often misunderstood by critics, adding: "'Forecasts are not set in stone but potential outcomes that can be changed. Our focus should be on resolutions and preventing conflicts."

So will the world end? Only one way to find out.

Featured Image Credit: (Instagram/@athos_salome/Getty Stock Images)

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