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People baffled after realising they never see phones in their dreams

People baffled after realising they never see phones in their dreams

It's claimed that only 3.5 per cent of women and 2.5 per cent of men dream about phones.

Social media is divided on whether their phones appear in their dreams and whether they can successfully influence the narrative.

According to a study published in Science Direct, the content of dreams differs between men and women. The latter’s dreams are more likely to include more conversation, while the former tends to have more physical activity featured.

Despite researchers believing that people have several dreams every night, it’s claimed that up to 95 per cent of your slumber vision is lost upon waking up.

So, while many people may forget that an iPhone has been featured in their dreams, many X users (formerly Twitter) are debating whether they have ever actually used one in Dreamland.

A post from an account called @zephyr_on_call has recently gone viral across social media as they question why phones don’t often feature in our dreams.

The viral Tweet said: “How is it 2023 and nobody’s come up with a satisfying explanation as to why cell phones never show up in our dreams if we’re using them for 12 hours a day?”

As per the Times of India, researchers discovered that a minimal 3.5 per cent of adult women dream about mobile phones. The rate in males is even lower at a mere 2.6 per cent.

Despite the statistics claiming that some people do see and use their iPhone or Android device while sleeping, social media is currently debating whether this is a fact or cap.

A viral social media post has got X users discussing whether they use phones in their dreams.

One user who believes to have debunked the theory wrote: “I have dreamed that I texted to cancel plans and then woke up and thought it was real so I didn't actually cancel them in time, cell phones definitely show up in dreams.”

A second wrote: “Are you all getting your phones out in dreams?? Am I the only one blundering about trying to rescue my old maths teacher from the ocean phone-free???

“Do (sic) people really not see their phones in dreams or do they just not remember? Because I do see and use my phone in my dreams. I don't use it actively, it's usually a thing that moves the plot forward because it provides me with new information like messages or as a map, but it's there,” replied another.

Elsewhere, one X user speculated: “Ok I have a theory; younger people actually have dreams of phones. My younger sister (16) has dreams of phones. But why not older people? When adults were young and most active in the creativeness of the mind, there weren’t phones around to imagine them in dreams.

Statistics claim 3.5 per cent of women and 2.6 per cent of men dream about phones.

“But the younger generation had phones around when their minds were most creatively active, so phones become part of what they imagine in dreams. This isn’t factual so I have no way of proving this theory but it’s made sense in my head.”

“Why don’t we see phones in dreams? Obviously y’all aren’t as chronically online as me it seems. All my brain can imagine is an iPhone. I close my eyes and see iPhone,” replied another.

A sixth said: “Interesting... I literally never dreamed of anything electronic: phones, TVs, laptops, etc. Never.”

Do you ever dream of your phone or are you just realising this as well?

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