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OnlyFans star opens up on kink that lets her buy whatever she wants without taking any clothes off

OnlyFans star opens up on kink that lets her buy whatever she wants without taking any clothes off

Australian OnlyFans star Grace Wears Lace benefits from a 'pay pig' kink that gives her whatever she likes

An OnlyFans star who made more than half a million pounds in her first year on the adult content platform has revealed she doesn't have to spend a penny of her fortune thanks to a unique fetish.

Known by her username Grace Wears Lace, the adult content creator from Australia is one of the rising stars on the platform Down Under.

But the 26-year-old has now explained how she doesn't have to get her kit off at all when it comes to spending due to a particular kink, with Grace earning tens of thousands by remaining fully clothed.

Grace's first year on OnlyFans saw her make more than $1 million Australian dollars, which is roughly £526,000.

Using her nous, the creator has invested in a significant property portfolio worth more than £1 million.

After her mega first year on OF, she's revealed she still makes five figures every single month through her adult content that people pay to view.

After racking up a large following on OnlyFans, her success has seen one man become so enamoured with her he's become her so-called 'pay pig'.

Grace has made thousands on OF (Instagram / @gracewearslace_)
Grace has made thousands on OF (Instagram / @gracewearslace_)

What is a 'pay pig'?

A form of BDSM, being a pay pig is a psychological fetish that allows someone to be financially dominated (known as 'findomme'), with another person given free access to their funds to do as they wish.

In Grace's case, one of her followers - who goes by the pseudonym of 'Slave Dave' - has given her access to his bank account for whatever she needs.

He doesn't want anything in return, she says, only for her to 'wallet drain' him.

Grace has a 'pay pig' who goes by the name 'Slave Dave' (Instagram / @gracewearslace_)
Grace has a 'pay pig' who goes by the name 'Slave Dave' (Instagram / @gracewearslace_)

'One of the wildest so far'

"I’ve done and seen a lot of crazy things while working in the sex industry, but one of the wildest so far is the fact that I have free and complete access to a man’s bank account that I’ve never met or have zero idea what he even looks like," says Grace.

“About three years ago, I received a random DM request from a man asking to send me money for nothing in return, and at first, I just thought it was a scam.

"He kept messaging me however, so one day I decided, ‘what the hell’ and messaged back telling him my bank details to send money to, and sure enough, within seconds there was $500 in my bank account."

Grace has, so far, taken $50,000 (£26,300) from his bank account.

Grace is a rising star on OnlyFans (Instagram / @gracewearslace_)
Grace is a rising star on OnlyFans (Instagram / @gracewearslace_)

'Slave Dave' speaks

You might be left thinking that Grace is taking advantage of 'Slave Dave'.

But he has spoken out to give his account of their agreement, saying he worships Grace and it is an honour to give her his money.

Dave, who is a schoolteacher from Melbourne, said: "Sending money to Grace is the biggest honour I have in my life. It started off small with me paying for things like her dinner bills or going to the movies, but eventually it progressed into paying for everything I could.

"I ended up having to change careers to something higher paying so I could continue paying Grace more, but I went down a bad path and sent money to other girls during that time. To make up for it, I made the decision to completely hand over my bank account logins, my debit card details and even my emails to Grace, to monitor and make sure every dollar I earned was going toward her.

"I’ve lived with her completely ruling over my life and finances for the last couple of years, and I couldn't be more content. I go to work every day knowing my pay check is going toward Goddess Grace to pay for her nails, hair, clothes, food, gifts.. anything she wants at all. With the allowance she leaves me, I’m able to get food and petrol to get through the weeks.

"She’s so rich and hot and I know she really doesn’t need my money at all, but she's so far out of my league, that I can't stop the urges to send her more and more. I hope I can serve her forever and continue contributing to her life and helping build her property empire while I live a quiet life."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @gracewearslace_

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