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OnlyFans couple behind furry fetish videos reveal friends have abandoned them

OnlyFans couple behind furry fetish videos reveal friends have abandoned them

OnlyFans creator @jadethefur says the couple are judged online because they make adult content with fur suits

A man says he was left without any friends after teaming up with his girlfriend to make OnlyFans videos specialising in furry fetish content.

But after getting over the shock, he has now found himself more convinced than ever to give subscribers what they want, saying he 'doesn't need those people in his life'.

Jade and Demetrius, who have been together for two years, now specialise in creating adult content for OnlyFans that serves a specific interest - furries.

But it's a decision that Demetrius says has cost him dearly outside of his relationship, with many of his mates no longer in contact with him after finding out about the set up.

Furries are people who dress up as furry animals in costumes that often cost thousands. They appear cartoonish in nature and humanoid, with most people standing on two legs when donning a costume which can be anything from a wolf or dog to a cat or fox.

As with any hobby, there's an element that takes it further with some enjoying sexualised content while people wear furry suits.

This is where Jade and Demetrius come in, with the couple creating adult content while she dresses up as a furry; something that has been pretty profitable for the duo.

Demetrius and Jade make furry adult content. (TikTok/@jadethefurr)
Demetrius and Jade make furry adult content. (TikTok/@jadethefurr)

"I lived with a furry which is kind of how we met, my roommate was having a furry party at my first apartment about a year ago," Demetrius told Truly.

"And I was not very keen on the whole furry random thing... I didn't want to go out, I was stuck in my room. There was a bunch of furries in my apartment; people that are just odd that I don't want to hang out with very much.

"And she kind of forced her way into my room but in a nice way, like you know she didn't take no for an answer in the best way possible. Had a couple drinks, talked for a few hours and then I think it was the next week we went on our first date.

"It's kind of like looking at a dog but I'm getting used to it. Awkward moments for sure but it's like a version of her, it's still Jade she's in there."

Demetrius supports Jade in her furry hobby. (TikTok/@jadethefurr)
Demetrius supports Jade in her furry hobby. (TikTok/@jadethefurr)

Knowing a few people who did adult content as furries, and bills increasing as they moved in together, Jade floated the idea of doing furry content online as a way to make money off of her investment having spent $25,000 on her furry costumes to date.

"Why not make money off of the items that I own now and we kind of slowly got into it," she said.

Criticisms have come Demetrius' way, with some anonymous trolls calling him a 'dog f*****'. But he's brushed them off, saying: "I’m not attracted to the mask she’s wearing — I’m attracted to the woman inside of the mask.”

"Demetrius draws the line at content that might involve drinking from dog bowls or using a litter box, saying it's not for him.

The most important thing is when the support comes in from [Dimetrius] and he helps me, he’s there for me, he supports me through everything,” Jade said.

“I’d say to anybody judging us, look at yourself first, because you see two people that are happy,” Dimetrius said.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jadethefurr

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