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Plane passenger causes outrage after putting bare foot on armrest for duration of three-hour flight

Plane passenger causes outrage after putting bare foot on armrest for duration of three-hour flight

The passenger had those 'puppies out' throughout the flight

Plane etiquette is a pretty divisive subject.

From whether or not you should swap seats for other people to sit together to if it’s OK to keep the window shutter open through the night.

Or, if it’s acceptable to be whipping off your shoes during a flight.

Now, the latter really is divisive because we’ve all got our own take. Some of us think it’s OK if you still have your socks on, some are totally OK with the socks being off too.

And others think shoes should stay firmly on your feet no matter the length of the journey.

But one thing we can probably all agree on is not wanting a stranger’s bare feet right by us.

So, there was total outrage when one plane passenger decided to rest his bare foot on the armrest in front of him.

What would you do if this happened on your flight?

Plus, to make matters worse, the bloke apparently kept it there for the duration of the three hour flight.

A Reddit user shared a snap to the ‘I’m The Main Character’ subreddit, with the caption: “Do you say something if you’re sitting there?”

Accompanied by the photo of the (faceless) man’s leg raised up to rest his bare foot on the edge of his fellow passenger’s armrest, the user added: “This was a 3 hour flight and he kept those puppies up the whole time.”

The mysterious foot-friendly flier appears to have kicked off the one sandal in order to maybe find some comfort and stretch out his leg.

And fellow users couldn’t believe it saying it makes them ‘never want to travel again’.

Another put: “Some people are raised by wolves. Teach your children to respect public spaces ffs.”

Plane etiquette can be pretty divisive.

While one admitted they wouldn’t say something straight away, they would: “Give them the elbow first, then if they put them up again I ask politely with a tartness to it. The third time I try to smash a toe or two.”

Others also shared their acts of vengeance for the bare-footed man: “I accidentally spill my sugar-laden drink on someone’s foot if I’m sitting there.”

And one even said: “I wouldn’t say anything. I’d just take my shoes and socks off, turn sideways, and put my feet up too. On his armrest.”

Another gave a bit of context to the situation and claimed: “It’s actually his wife and child ahead of him. They couldn’t get the adjacent seat. This has been posted before.”

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Pexels/David Vincent Villavicencio

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