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Man exposes girlfriend's family's extremely creepy wedding night ritual after noticing red flags

Man exposes girlfriend's family's extremely creepy wedding night ritual after noticing red flags

The man took to Reddit to share the bizarre wedding night ritual

After the stress of organising your special day is done and dusted, your wedding night is the time you can finally take a breather with your loved one.

But the idea of sharing an intimate evening alone with your partner isn't exactly universal.

One man has since taken to Reddit to expose his girlfriend's family's unique wedding night ritual and it's very strange.

The future groom thought his girlfriend's side were 'overall very warm and caring people', up until his bride-to-be told him what her family wanted him to do.

The man took to Reddit to share the bizarre family ritual.
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"Something weird I've noticed since we got engaged is that my GF's cousins sometimes make jokes about our wedding night," the 23-year-old explained in a post from 2020.

"It's weird for them to joke about it since I'm pretty sure her family is aware we've slept together before since we share a bed at holiday gatherings and vacations.

"A few nights ago we were discussing wedding plans and thinking about places to go on our honeymoon (if Covid-19 clears up and we can travel by then).

"My GF and I were brainstorming ideas when she tells me that we won't need a bridal suite right away."

That's a red flag to begin with.

When he queried why, she explained that she wanted to stay at her parents' house on the wedding night - another red flag - and told him why.

He continued: "The husband and wife go into the master bedroom together and they are supposed to 'consummate' the marriage.

"The rest of the family are waiting outside the door so they can applaud them and cheer when they come out. Then a piece of the bed sheet is cut off and sewn into a big tapestry my GF's mother owns.

"I think my GF saw I wasn't happy because she quickly told me that we wouldn't have to actually consummate the marriage if I felt uncomfortable and we could just pretend."

A big red flag.
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Now, he was keen to point out that he wants nothing to do with it, but said that he doesn't want to annoy his girlfriend's family.

How did that go down? Well, his girlfriend's mum let him know exactly how.

He explained: "I think she's also been texting her family about this because I received a text from her mother telling me that I 'don't understand the importance of family' and tradition yet and this kind of tradition has been around longer than I've been alive."

As you can probably imagine, most people commenting on the post have said that he needs to put his foot down on the matter.

One told him: "If you go along with this, it will only be the beginning. You can expect an ongoing struggle about boundaries."

Another said: "Either stand firm or get used to having your traditions dictated to you."

However, some said that he should take the traditional vibe to the extreme, advising: "Tell them you'll do it, in return for a dowry of 100 head of cattle, a white stallion and a tract of arable land."

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