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Woman left ‘shaken’ after spotting husband in photo of her years before they met

Woman left ‘shaken’ after spotting husband in photo of her years before they met

A woman looked at an old photo of herself and spotted her husband years before she actually met him

Have you ever gone through old photos and realised that someone in the picture is a person you know now but didn't then?

It's surprising how often you can spot a familiar face from before the days you knew them, but one woman has probably got the best ever example of all time.

Jenn Jia was looking at a selfie she'd taken back in October 2012 where she was sitting at a theatre café enjoying a drink.

In the background queuing for the ticket office is her husband, only the picture was taken two years before they properly met for the first time and nine years before they were married.

At this point they weren't together, but there he is standing right behind her completely oblivious to the fact that his future wife is sitting just there.

She realised the man in the background was her husband years before they met.
Jam Press/@soimjenn

In an alternative timeline this would be a chance to meet sooner and spend two extra years together.

However, Jenn reckons it was for the best that they didn't meet until two years later as she believes they wouldn't have stayed together if the relationship had started sooner.

She said: "We met at the right time.

"If it was before, I don’t think the relationship would have lasted. Took me a year of travelling and being single to reflect and realise my own mistakes.

"That’s when we met. “The right person will always find you at the right time."

Plus if you're standing in line at the theatre and a stranger comes up to you and says you're going to be married one day it'd probably scupper any chance of a relationship and potentially end with a restraining order.

The couple got together in 2014 and tied the knot in 2021, and Jenn's post about the unknown encounter two years before they were a couple has gone viral after she shared it on Instagram.

Nine years after the picture was taken they were married.
Jam Press/@soimjenn

Someone likened her tale to 'invisible string theory', which is the idea that everyone who impacted your life is connected to you in some way and people are destined to meet.

Essentially, you're bound by fate to meet someone and you will be drawn to them, especially your soulmate.

Others said the picture was evidence of 'destiny' and that the couple were 'meant to be', while someone else admitted they were 'looking at the background now in all my photos' to see if they'd unwittingly been right next to someone important to them.

Just think about all the places you've been and the random people you've passed with barely a thought, any one of them could end up being the most important person in your life one day.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press/@soimjenn

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