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Woman's £17,000 OnlyFans fortune for 'unsexy' requests

Woman's £17,000 OnlyFans fortune for 'unsexy' requests

An OnlyFans content creator has opened up about how she's made a fortune filming bizarre, 'unsexy' requests.

An OnlyFans content creator has opened up about how she's made a fortune filming bizarre, 'unsexy' requests. Prepare to be tempted to start your own account:

Let's not lie; the idea of joining OnlyFans has probably sprung into many of our minds at one time or another - we are living in a cost of living crisis, after all.

However, for some of us, getting undressed in front of the camera and making x-rated content - combined with the risk of your account being stumbled upon by a relative - is all a bit too much to handle.

But what if you didn't have to make purely sexual content? What if you could get paid just for doing everyday household chores and some other slightly more strange, but not overtly sexual, activities?

An admin assistant, who goes by the name Bambi Love on OnlyFans (@isendbobs on TikTok), has opened up about the 'wild' but 'unsexy' requests she receives which've made her thousands of pounds.

Bambi Love gets 'wild' but 'unsexy' personal requests.

It turns out there's a market out there for activities such as teeth-cleaning - Bambi explaining she was once paid £60 for a three-minute video of her brushing away by someone who she 'assume[s] has a toothpaste fetish'.

The content creator reveals she's also been paid £100 to film herself walking on slices of bread. "He said he liked the thought of the foot imprint," she notes.

The 30-year-old has also received requests for activities such as hoovering, washing up and simply ignoring the camera - some requests asking her to wear a maid outfit and others not minding if she's 'fully clothed'.

If there was ever a reason to get round to doing that spot of dusting, then this is it.

If I got paid to brush my teeth, I'd remember to brush them a hell of a lot more.

In total, since first joining OnlyFans, Bambi estimates she's earned around £17,000 ($20,700), which has helped her save up for a house deposit.

At one stage, the content creator was earning a whopping £550-a-month ($670-a-month), but now treats OnlyFans as a secondary job to her role as an administrator.

She explains: "I was bored during lockdown and I thought it would be a good way to make some extra cash."

Bambi started her OnlyFans during lockdown after becoming 'bored'.

However, Bambi does have her limits when it comes to personal requests.

She explains: "I draw the line at some things because they're just too weird.

"One subscriber asked me to send them hair and finger nail clippings to him in the post in exchange for a lot of money - but I said no.

"Another guy asked me to paint myself blue, dress up as a blueberry and dance around for him, which I found very odd.

"And, some stuff I get asked is just unfeasible, for example, someone wanted me to bathe in a tub full of baked beans. I would have needed 200 cans of beans or something to make it work - so I would have had to charge him a fortune."

One thing's for sure, Bambi resolves it's 'definitely been an eye-opening experience'. Although, she adds, she's 'loved every minute'.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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