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Woman is selling jar of her own farts for £230

Woman is selling jar of her own farts for £230

Astonishingly, the jars have already sold out on the influencer's online store

Amid the ongoing cost of living crisis, we're all looking for a way to earn a bit of extra cash. But one Instagrammer's money-making scheme will definitely put you off your dinner.

Singaporean influencer Cheng Wing Yee, also known as @kiaraakitty with more than 230,000 followers on Instagram, has opted for a pretty gross habit to bring in the cash.

Earlier this month, she hit headlines for staging a hoax egg attack on herself in an attempt to gain more followers.

Influencer @kiaraakitty has started selling jars of her farts online.

Cheng was doing a livestream as she toured Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 9 February when she got her assistant to dress up as a middle-aged woman and pelt her with eggs.

The 'woman' also accused her of seducing her husband and warned her to stay away from him.

The influencer later admitted that it was all an act after being forced to make a public apology following a police investigation into the incident. She was subsequently banned from entering Taiwan again.

Her latest scheme, however, is even more unsavoury.

@kiaraakitty is now flogging her own farts online, claiming they 'can be retained for up to 30 days' after the jar is opened. The jars cost a whopping £237 each, and have astonishingly already sold out.

Each to their own, I suppose.

An ad on her online shop reads: "Are you curious how your favourite streamer Kiaraakitty smells like? DON’T JUST IMAGINE IT, FEED YOUR CURIOSITY."

But she warns potential buyers: "It may take some time to craft a scent jug so processing time may change without prior notice."

The £237 jar of farts isn't the only thing Cheng sells in her bizarre online store.

The jars cost a whopping £237 and have astonishingly sold out.

For the same price, fans can buy the influencer's worn lingerie and her used bathwater is listed for sale at £395. Did somebody say Saltburn?

But perhaps most bizarre thing of all is the fact that the fart trade seems to be a pretty lucrative one.

In 2022, Twitch streamer Amouranth launched a business named Cutie-Pa-TOOT-ies, selling her own 'scent jars' at an eye-watering £791 a pop.

And 90 Day Fiancé star and adult content creator Stephanie Matto once claimed to make up to £38,000 per week from selling her farts.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, she said: "People really like the idea of spending an exorbitant amount of money and kind of being — I don’t want to say 'swindled,' but it’s like a financial domination thing for a lot of men."

But the self-described 'fartpreneur' landed herself in the ER after severe gas pain from her fart-inducing diet resulted in heart attack-like symptoms. Ouch.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@kiaraakitty

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