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The world's most expensive advent calendar is $10m

The world's most expensive advent calendar is $10m

There's expensive and then there's this staggeringly pricey advent calendar

One of the most popular things to do during the Christmas season is to get yourself an advent calendar - those little extra treats each day can really perk you up and get you in the festive spirit.

The calendars differ in both length, with some only going up to 24 December while others stretch further.

Chocolate is probably what you're thinking of when you hear the phrase 'advent calendar' but there's plenty of other things behind those cardboard doors.

Some of them can get pretty pricey, and we're not just talking about forking over a bit of extra money for the Lindt one.

If you want to push the boat out you can get a Chanel advent calendar for a few hundred quid, though not every day's gift lived up to the expectations of everyone who had one.

Still, spending a few hundred quid on an advent calendar is nothing compared to what you can expect from the world's most expensive one.

The world's most expensive advent calendar.
Billionaire's Luxury Portal

According to Billionaire's Luxury Portal, this one was custom made for a family in Switzerland by artist Debbie Wingham and it cost them a whopping $10.3 million (£8.1 million) to buy the whole thing.

That might sound crazily expensive but behind each of the doors were gifts such as designer watches, diamonds and specially created pieces of art.

As well as individual gifts for each member of the family there were also travel plans behind some of the doors.

It's not many families that can say they might have trips to Paris, Dubai, New York and Disneyland among others as gifts in their advent calendar.

The travel destinations were announced with luxury artwork and trinkets iconic to each place so the family would know where they were supposed to be going next year.

Quite a lot of the gifts were clues for travel destinations.
Billionaire's Luxury Portal

A Paris Chanel purse with diamonds inlaid into it and a golden lamp with diamonds and emeralds in it were just a couple of the gifts that pointed the family to their destination.

However, before you start checking the sofa to see if you've got about eight million quid lying around somewhere, be warned that this advent calendar took about a year to put together so you'll have to find your own designer to do it.

While the calendar itself contains plenty of expensive items, the artwork which adorns it is valued at over $250,000 (£197,000).

Just think, are you sure next Christmas your little darlings wouldn't prefer you just spent that money on buying them as many advent calendars as they like instead of blowing it all on one mega-calendar?

Featured Image Credit: Billionaire’s Luxury Portal

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