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Woman behind You've Been Framed's most famous clip ended up in Hollywood

Woman behind You've Been Framed's most famous clip ended up in Hollywood

Oh, the nostalgia

The woman behind one of You've Been Framed's most famous clips made such an impact with her embarrassing blunder, her viral fame landed her in Hollywood.

The clip in question kicks off with Mairi Muir, a barmaid from Midlothian in Scotland, just getting on with her job at the pub when, unbeknownst to her, one of her colleagues opens the door to the bar cellar.

In what might be the perfect example of slapstick comedy, when Mairi takes a step back, she falls straight through the floor and into the cellar.

Speaking to The Sun, she explained that she didn't hear the heads up as she was 'distracted' by the funeral coverage of Princess Diana, showing just how long ago this footage was taken.

"It was quite a deep drop, it was around 14 feet, with wooden stairs too, which I bounced off before hitting the concrete floor at the bottom," she told the outlet.


Thankfully, she wasn't injured from the fall and she certainly saw the funny side in it - no doubt her reaction would've been a bit different had she broken an arm.

Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity, one of her colleagues secretly submitted the clip to ITV, which is a bit cheeky if you ask me.

Mairi Muir rose to viral fame because of the clip.

Mairi only found out when she was contacted by the producers at You’ve Been Framed and invited to join the show in the audience.

The viral star said that she never received the infamous £250 payment for the video, but that it was instead given to the person who submitted the tape.

He was a good sport about it, though, as he used the cash to buy everyone at the pub drinks.

LADbible has contacted ITV regarding this claim.

Now, you might be wondering how a person goes from a UK home video show to the dazzling lights of Hollywood. Well, it's all thanks to the internet.

As reported by the newspaper, after enjoying multiple plays on You’ve Been Framed, Mairi's mishap went viral on YouTube and, in 2007, she received yet another unexpected call - this time asking her to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Amazingly, the following morning she and her mum were flown out to LA where they were given the VIP treatment.

"We went out there with nothing other than the money in our bags and they paid for absolutely everything, they couldn’t have made us feel any more welcome," Mairi said.

"We stayed in the Roosevelt Hotel, everything was paid for - from the minibar to anything we ate right down to a pack of chewing gum I bought in a shop."

When she turned up to the studio, she was able to hang out with a number of stars including actor Rupert Everett.

The viral star was even invited to join Jimmy Kimmel Live!

"I was meeting all of these big stars and they were looking at me like I was a star too," she added.

"It was surreal experiencing that level of fame.

"This sounds so silly but I remember thinking, 'I'm sitting here in an £8 Matalan dress with all of these stars and I'm feeling great.'"

Though it's been a fair few years since then, Mairi still gets recognised from time to time - and her hilarious video continues to be shared, with new audiences discovering it on TikTok.

"It's crazy but it brings back a lot of nice memories," she concluded. "I like to say it’s my wee claim to fame, even if it was just me falling down the stairs."

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Mairi Muir

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