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Woman shares hilarious X-Rated optical illusion in beach snap

Woman shares hilarious X-Rated optical illusion in beach snap

A stranger's arm in the background created a very unfortunate optical illusion

They say timing is everything, and a very good example of that is this woman's rather lovely beach snap that was completely ruined by the placement of a stranger's arm behind her. You can see the unfortunate moment here:

TikTok user Madi Marotta (@madimarotta) posted a video earlier this year, in which she explained that she had been hoping to take a 'cute pic' while out soaking up the sun on South Beach in Miami.

Madi can be seen wearing a yellow bikini top and some white bottoms, with a pair of sunglasses covering her eyes. So far, so good, yeah?

But poor Madi didn't reckon with the arm of a fellow beachgoer that was accidentally in the perfect position to make it look like she had a penis that was hanging out of her bikini bottoms. Not sure that's quite the 'cute' look she was going for, to be honest.

Sharing a clip of herself looking pretty unimpressed, Marotta wrote: "I tried to take a cute pic on South Beach and this lady's arm makes me look like my peen is hanging out. Enjoy."

The video then cuts to the image in question, showing Marotta standing on the beach.

At first, it doesn't seem like there's anything wrong, but on closer inspection we see there's something unusual about her silhouette.

As Marotta was posing, she had no idea that a woman was standing behind her would create an inappropriate illusion - her arm poking out of Marotta's crotch area to look like a penis.

Her post has since racked up more than 730,000 likes and 12,000 comments - along with a whopping 4.7 million views.

Other users have dubbed the clip the 'best TikTok' they've seen, with many saying they laughed out loud when the big reveal came.


Someone else wrote: "I'm so sorry, I laughed harder than expected."



In later posts, Marotta said she had posted the original photo on Instagram to see if anyone would notice, but 'within five seconds' was inundated with messages from concerned friends that she decided to delete it.

She explained how she shared another photo as part of a gallery post, allowing followers to swipe to see her ruder 'd*** pic'.

But a friend messaged her almost instantly, saying: "Madi it literally looks like you have a d*** in that second pic."

Marotta said she'd tried to edit the woman's arm out of the picture, but wasn't happy with the end result so ended up just posting the first picture without its x-rated counterpart.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@madimarotta

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