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Woman exposes man’s 'horrific' messages after she politely turned him down

Woman exposes man’s 'horrific' messages after she politely turned him down

She ended their relationship after one month, but he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

A woman has shared the deranged text she received from a man after politely calling it quits after a single date.

Mandy shared her experience on Reddit, revealing the multiple messages she received from a man she only went 'on one formal date' with.

In the screen grabs shared on the social platform, she attempted to end their relationship, explaining how she felt they weren't compatible.

Originally, she wanted to have a conversation over the phone, but the man said he couldn't talk as he was ill.

"I just feel like we aren't compatible and we should move on. I had fun getting to know you and wish you the best," Mandy texted the man after he asked for explanations.

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After she declined to go on further dates with him, the man wrote: "This is crazy."

He added: "I'm in shock right now. This is not you. I don't know what's going on, you're literally making no sense.

"Have you been putting on a façade this whole time?"

"This is what I want. You need to accept it," Mandy replied calmly, but the guy continued downplaying her emotions, accusing her of being a hypocrite.

"This is literally so dumb," he wrote, adding: "I wish you could actually hear yourself and the hypocrisy."

Unable to process the end of their brief fling, the man resorted to the oldest excuse in the world, insinuating Mandy had been seeing someone else.

The man's reaction was bizarre to say the least.

"You probably met a guy tonight," he said.

To pile on, the guy also played the 'emotional woman' card, to which Mandy had to reply: "My emotions aren't high, it's just not working out. I wanted to call you but you said you can't talk over the phone."

Not taking 'no' for an answer, he insisted to see Mandy in person to 'talk things out', demanding they met the following afternoon.

"We need to have a real talk - I feel like you're taking the easy way out.

"I'm seeing you in person and we're talking this out. I'm not losing you like this. I'm seeing you tomorrow afternoon."

The replies got a bit scary.

Trying to explain why she didn't feel the man could be a potential partner, Mandy wrote: "I called you out for being flaky and yet your behaviour continued.

"I can have a perfectly normal conversation with you, but there are more things to consider when evaluating a potential partner. You lack characteristics I want in a relationship.

"It's simple, to have true feelings for someone, it requires more depth that I don't see in you or your behaviour."

The man proceeded to send her a lengthy text, explaining how he'd envisioned the two of them together.

The woman was left baffled.

"I am on a path to success and there are times when I'll fall down that I'll have to get up. I think I'm looking for someone who's more understanding and open-minded," he wrote.

"I'm sorry but I refuse to acknowledge the fact that I'm being flaky, because you're painting a few incidents as the centric ideology of your whole refutation [sic].

"That statement is more a testament to you just being unreasonable with my current plate that I've been dealing with, but it's your choice at the end of the day and I'm not going to argue with that. It's not my character and I stand firm by that."

The woman was left baffled.

Mandy concluded that she didn't see him 'romantically' and wished him the best.

On Reddit, the woman explained she tried to make things work, but ultimately had to end the short relationship after he bragged about sleeping with multiple women.

"I tried giving him a chance but he was flaky and bragged about how he slept with multiple women and paid for escorts," she wrote.

"He just grossed me out so I had to end it. We only went on one formal date."

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