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Woman goes to party dressed as Mr Bean and ends up in one of most chaotic videos you've ever seen

Woman goes to party dressed as Mr Bean and ends up in one of most chaotic videos you've ever seen

People have been left in stitches over a video that starts with a woman dressed as Mr Bean but ends in a literal car crash

People have been left in stitches over an 'absolute masterpiece' of a video, which starts with a woman dressed as Mr Bean but ends in a literal car crash. Catch the clip here:

The internet is a wonderful and mysterious place, filled with strange and hilarious videos, but this TikTok posted by Tatiana Moravski truly takes the biscuit.

What starts with a woman dressed up as Mr Bean for a party quickly snowballs into a scene of absolute chaos.

An epic impression of Mr Bean and his Teddy soon unravels into a shocking car crash, a moment of opera music and finally a street filled with blue and red flashing lights.

If you thought your Friday nights often descend into madness, then this viral video will make you think again.

A woman wore an epic Mr Bean costume and filmed a video dancing as him with Teddy.

While the woman who decided to dress up as Mr Bean probably initially thought she'd be the main attraction of the night – the video starting off with her showcasing her impressively accurate Rowan Atkinson inspired moves – it didn't take long for the spotlight to be swiftly stolen.

At just 6.13pm, the dress-up party was rudely interrupted when the CCTV camera outside the front of the house captured a car driving straight into the side of the property.

Teddy was swiftly ditched and the plethora of characters who had gathered to have a dress-up party ran outside to see what had happened. The driver certainly must have had a shock to see Mr Bean staring down at them.

A car crashed into the house which was hosting the dress-up party at 6.13pm.

However, one party-goer was left behind, taking off his hairband, mouth gaping open in shock.

And what better time to bring out a classic piece of opera music: 'O Mio Babbino Caro', sticking with the Mr Bean theme, of course.

The video then reveals the hoards of emergency service people who have rushed to the scene, cordoning the area off, leaving the woman dressed as Mr Bean standing among the carnage.

The last video shows the car that crashed appearing to drive back off, taking half the front lawn with it.

Emergency services were recorded attending the scene of the crash, with the woman dressed as Mr Bean right outside posing with them.

The TikTok has amassed more than 300,000 views and tens of thousands of comments, with other users having flocked to the post in utter confusion but also amusement.

Echoing the thoughts of many, one said: "I’m so confused as to what actually happened?"

"I can honestly say I've never audibly laughed so much at a video EVER," another commented.

A third wrote: "Nothing could have prepared me for where this video was going omg."

A final said: "The picture of you just standing there is a cinematic piece."

Featured Image Credit: @tatmoraavski/TikTok

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