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Woman Towed Neighbour's Truck After They Parked On Her Driveway

Jake Massey

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Woman Towed Neighbour's Truck After They Parked On Her Driveway

There are so many things you have to weigh up when moving to a new place: location, price, distance from nearest shop etc.

But one consideration which is just as important but difficult to assess is the people who live next door. You might think you've found the perfect property for you, only to move in and realise that your neighbours absolutely adore late-night techno - or absolutely despise your late-night techno.

In one 'nice, quiet neighbourhood at the end of a cul-de-sac', neighbours are well and truly kicking off over parking.

A mum-of-two took to Reddit to explain how she ended up towing her neighbour's truck after they continually parked on her driveway.


She said the family she is feuding with moved in next door around six months ago, and she said initially 'they were friendly and I was happy to have such nice people to move in next door'.

But things soured when the dad came over and asked if his 16-year-old son could park his truck on her driveway, as it was too big to fit on theirs and would otherwise block up the street.

Things got out of hand. Credit: Alamy
Things got out of hand. Credit: Alamy

The Reddit user declined and the dad accused her of not being very 'neighbourly', but she insisted she didn't want to take responsibility for someone else's vehicle on her property.


Relaying the increasingly heated exchange in her viral post, she said she told her neighbour: "I'm sorry you don't have enough parking for all your vehicles, I'm sure it's frustrating, but it's not my problem that you decided to buy a vehicle that didn't fit your property."

But this was not the end of the matter, because a few days later the mum said she was overcome with anger when she realised the truck was parked on her drive, blocking her in.

Knocking around at her neighbours', she told them: "He is not allowed to park in my driveway. No one is allowed to park in my driveway and if I find an unauthorized vehicle parked in my drive-way again – I'm not going to bother to knock on your door – I'm going to have it towed!"

The mum said the 16-year-old son then moved the truck, but she overheard him calling her a 'b***h' as he did so.


Seemingly, they didn't believe her threats, as soon enough the truck was parked on the drive again - partially on the lawn in fact - and the Reddit user said she was 'so mad I could hardly see straight'.

She then called a 24-hour tow service and the truck was gone within an hour.

The next morning, the neighbours accused her of stealing and called the police - though it backfired for them when the officer realised the truck was parked on her property, and she ended up filing a trespassing report.

This case ultimately didn't amount to anything, but the mum said there were some positives to come from all of this neighbourly squabbling.


First of all, the neighbours ended up buying a smaller truck so they could park in the street, which she considered a 'victory'.

Secondly, the dispute brought her closer to one of her older neighbours.

You can read her unabridged version of the dispute here.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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Jake Massey
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