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Sex Education Fans Are Convinced Mimi Keene And Asa Butterfield Are Dating

Sex Education Fans Are Convinced Mimi Keene And Asa Butterfield Are Dating

Fans are clinging on to some rather cryptic evidence that the two are an item.

Fans of Sex Education are convinced Asa Butterfield and Mimi Keene are dating and they've got some cryptic evidence that the two are hanging out off-set.

There's been a lot of speculation around who Mimi Keene's boyfriend might be and fans are clinging on to every little clue that Otis and Ruby might be a thing in real life.

During season three (spoiler warning), Otis (Butterfield) and Ruby (Keene) became a fan-favourite couple after they were seen having casual sex over the summer holidays. But Ruby told Otis she loved him and he didn't reciprocate, subsequently leading to their breakup and Otis, as he always does, finding his way back to Maeve. But who knows, Otis and Ruby could get back together Sex Education season 4?

Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Ruby (Mimi Keene) In Sex Education season 3. (

Mimi Keene's social media doesn't reveal much about her personal life and not even her parents are featured in her Instagram photos. So that doesn't help us solve the mystery, but fans have been reading between the lines.

This TikTok user thinks she's proven that the two young actors have been hanging out off-set. Back in June, they both posted a photo on Instagram in what looks to be the same buttercup field.

Butterfield captioned a snap of him in the field: "Bill and Ben could never," while Mimi captioned her photos of her frolicking in the buttercup field: "Do you like butter?"

Now, is she talking about the old myth about buttercups showing if you like butter by reflecting yellow under your chin? Or is she referring to her co-star, Mr Butterfield?

You can see the posts side by side in the TikTok video below, which has received more than 547,000 likes.

While some want to believe these photos were taken in the same place, on the same day, others deny any romance between the two.

"Isn't his name Asa Butterfield? [shocked emojis]," said one TikTok user. It is indeed - what a coincidence...

"Not to be mad, but it's definitely not the same place," another commented.

While another pointed out: "Not to be that person, but the posts are on different dates?"

But most want to believe this could be evidence that their romance extends off screen. "Oh so that's why they had such good chemistry," said another.

"AND THESE ARE THEIR PROFILE PICTURES," another exclaimed. It's true, both Butterfield and Keene have the buttercup field photos set as their IG profile pictures at the time of writing this.

So, could Asa Butterfild and Mimi Keene be telling us in the most cryptic way possible that they're actually an item, or are fans just grasping at buttercups? I guess we'll never know for sure until they comment, though it doesn't change the fact Otis and Ruby were a truly iconic (albeit short-lived) match.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@asabopp/@mimikeene3

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