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Adele fulfils her 'dream' at the Grammys as she gets to meet Dwayne Johnson

Adele fulfils her 'dream' at the Grammys as she gets to meet Dwayne Johnson

Adele finally met The Rock at the Grammys

Adele truly won at the Grammy Awards tonight after fulfilling her 'dream' of meeting none other than The Rock.

The pair were both in attendance at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles today and host Trevor Noah served as the perfect wingman by introducing them to each other.

The 34-year-old crooner, who is nominated for seven trophies at this year's ceremony, was totally caught off guard.

Adele listened as Trevor Noah spoke about The Rock.

Noah approached the table Adele was sitting at alongside her boyfriend Rich Paul. The former The Daily Show host teased: "The person Adele has always wanted to meet but never has is Dwayne Johnson."

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“And then I found out he’s a huge fan of yours too,” he continues as the 15-time Grammy winner nods modestly.

“I don’t have Dwayne Johnson here tonight but I do have someone called The Rock.”

Adele has now officially met The Rock.

As the audience cheers from inside the Arena in Los Angeles, the iconic wrestler turned movie star walks up to the table and gives the ‘Someone Like You’ singer a big hug, while her sports agent beau watches on.

Viewers loved seeing the wholesome moment unfold on screen, with one fan tweeting: “The best moment so far.”

While a second person penned: “Aww omg he is just the most sweetest kindest hearted guy u can meet and like.”


Another viewer joked that Adele’s plum coloured dress and The Rock’s golden suit reminded them of a well-known American snack. “Idk if I'm hungry but why @TheRock and @Adele look like peanut butter & Jelly?

Other folks were zeroed in on Rich Paul’s reaction. “Rich Paul was a little tense when “The Rock” came up and gave Adele a hug,” one Twitter user joked.

The beloved star from Tottenham has spoken about her love for the Black Adam actor in the past.

In an interview with YouTuber and beauty influencer NikkieTutorials in 2021, Adele said Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is the celebrity she’d love to meet the most.

"Someone I've never met that I think I would actually cry is The Rock, but I know he goes by Dwayne Johnson now," she gushed.

"I was the biggest wrestling fan when I was younger," she added.

Adele was very happy.

The pair were meant to meet before tonight when The Rock and his wife were scheduled to attend one of her concerts.

Sadly, the star had to pull out but did send her flowers to make up for it.

"He sent me flowers the other day because him and his wife couldn't make my show," she recalled. "Literally I fell off my chair."

"He's amazing. He's just incredible. I just want him to be my mate. I want him to be my friend," the singer said.

She's gonna remember this Grammys moment for the rest of her life!

Featured Image Credit: CBS

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