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Bella Ramsey stuns at the Met Gala after being told they ‘didn’t have the face for Hollywood’

Bella Ramsey stuns at the Met Gala after being told they ‘didn’t have the face for Hollywood’

And they're laughing all the way to the bank.

Bella Ramsey has stunned at the 2023 Met Gala despite being told they don’t have a face for Hollywood.

You’d be kicking yourself right about now if you were those casting directors.

The Last of Us star made their Met Gala debut in a gorgeous Thom Browne suit as they took photos of the photographers, who were also snapping away pics of the actor on the red carpet.

AFF / Alamy Stock Photo

Many fans have been left speechless by the bold look, as one fan marvelled: “Bringing a camera and taking pictures of the photographers god, I wish they were invited for the camp theme.”

Another said: “Lady Mormont meets [the] Met Gala.”

While a third commented: “I love them I want more Bellas at the Met Gala [and] other crazy high-profile events.”

However, one particular fan noted while Ramsey dazzled in their slick black suit, the industry didn’t always embrace them.

“To know that they were once told they didn't have the face for Hollywood, and now they're at the Met Gala,” they wrote.

The 19-year-old recently confessed they were denied roles because of their unconventional look before landing The Last of Us.

Julien Reynaud/APS-Medias/ABACAPRESS.COM/Alamy

In a resurfaced clip on Twitter, the actor said: “I was told [in] one of my first auditions ever... The director really liked me but I didn’t get the part because I didn’t have the ‘Hollywood look’.

“That’s something that I’ve always found very interesting.”

The young actor, who is non-binary, also opened up to GQ this year about being misgendered by the media.

As they’ve found empowerment in playing traditionally more feminine roles, Ramsey’s pronouns are often skewed.

“This is what bothers me more than pronouns: being called a ‘young woman’ or a ‘powerful young woman’, ‘young lady,’ but I'm just not [that],” they told the outlet.

Catherine Called Birdy, I was in dresses. Young Elizabeth, I was in a corset. And I felt super powerful in that. Playing these more feminine characters is a chance to be something so opposite to myself, and it’s really fun.”

However, in the post-apocalyptic series, their character Ellie’s queer identity is a big part of who she is as she embarks on a relationship with a young woman named Dina.

And Ramsey loves that the show is a vehicle to explore uncharted queer storylines.

In particular, episode three, which follows lovers Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett), struck a chord with them.

“I was on the verge of tears throughout it, and cried at the bit in the montage when they got married,” Ramsey said.

Featured Image Credit: HBO. Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

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