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Black Adam debuts with 53% on Rotten Tomatoes after dozens of mixed reviews

Black Adam debuts with 53% on Rotten Tomatoes after dozens of mixed reviews

While many have been anticipating the big-budget DC flick, some reviews say Black Adam misses that mark.

Black Adam debuted to mixed reviews and is currently listed at 53 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes ahead of its release.

While many have been highly anticipating DC's latest onscreen instalment, some early reviews have been less than certified fresh.

Film writer for The Wrap Alonso Duralde said that while the movie sounds 'good on paper’ with Dwayne Johnson at the helm, Black Adam misses the mark.

He wrote: “The screenplay, from a trio of writers, hardly knows what to do with all these superpowered folks except to fall back on the dullest clichés, including Amon being a superhero obsessive who tries to bring Teth Adam up to speed on capes and catchphrases.”

Duralde also criticised the film’s ‘assaultively unappealing CGI 'and ‘rapid-fire editing’ that 'sucks the exhilaration right out of every fight scene'. Yikes.

Writer for Chron, Jesse Hassenger, also didn’t take too kindly to the film and even labelled Johnson as a ‘forgettable DC anti-hero’.

She added: "Johnson’s career has become so meticulously engineered and marketed that even his brooding, murderous DC anti-hero can only cause Teflon mayhem.”

However, journalist Evan Valentine praised the flick as an ‘action-packed thrill ride with plenty of charisma from its key players’.

Warner Bros.

He also commended the former wrestler's performance, marvelling at Johnson's charisma while perfectly capturing the superhero’s inner turmoil.

Valentine added: “What works with this approach is that the one-liners feel appropriate for Johnson's character learning more about the world around him. The jokes don't lessen Teth Adam, rather they work within his character.”

He continued: "It's a roller coaster ride and, if you walk in with that mindset, you're going to have a good time."

Black Adam is the first film adaption centred around the anti-superhero from Kahndaq, who has been imprisoned for 5,000 years.

Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, Sarah Shahi, Marwan Kenzari and Pierce Bronson will also star alongside The Rock.

With a budget of USD $300 million (AUD $475m or £264m), Black Adam is expected to make USD $75 million (AUD $118m or £66m) domestically during its opening weekend after debuting in more than 4,000 theatres, according to The Filmik.

But given that everything The Rock touches turns to gold, we won’t be surprised if it surpasses this expectation by a long shot.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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