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​Amanda Bynes' Fans Are Calling For Her Conservatorship To Come To An End

​Amanda Bynes' Fans Are Calling For Her Conservatorship To Come To An End

The former Nickelodeon star, 35, was first placed under a temporary conservatorship in August 2013.

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Fans are calling for Amanda Bynes' conservatorship to come to an end as the star was seen out walking with fiance Paul Michael earlier this week in West Hollywood, California.

The former Nickelodeon star, 35, was first placed under a temporary conservatorship in August 2013, following mental health issues and struggles, substance abuse and legal problems - including being detained in July 2013 after allegedly starting a fire in a stranger's driveway.

Her mother received conservatorship again the year after, and in 2018 paperwork was submitted for it to continue until 2020.

Last month, it was confirmed that it had been extended to March 2023, although her lawyer David Esquibia later clarified that the conservatorship is 'open day to day'.

Amanda Bynes in 2014.

In a statement to People, he explained that a status report - rather than an extension as such - had been scheduled for 2023.

He said: "A status report regarding her health and welfare was recently filed and approved by the court. By law, the next status report is due in two years. Her conservatorship will terminate when it is no longer convenient for Amanda."

After Bynes was photographed enjoying a walk with Michael, fans have been using the #FreeAmandaBynes hashtag to campaign for the end to her conservatorship, with one tweeting this week: "Let's not forget that this poor woman is also under a strict conservatorship. Her rights were taken away from her and she can't decide anything. #FreeAmanda#FreeAmandaBynes."


A third wrote: "Amanda's Bynes situation deserves way too more recognization. Let her have her freedom, she is an adult woman! #FreeAmanda#FreeAmandaBynes."

A fourth added: "We need to save Amanda Bynes next she's been under a conservatorship just like Britney was, poor girly."

TMZ also recently reported that Britney Spears supporters have now turned their attention to Bynes, having spoken to a number of #FreeBritney campaigners outside the courthouse when Jame Spears' fate was being decided.

Britney Spears.

One person called Megan Radford, who was described as a #FreeBritney organiser, told the entertainment outlet that the movement would be helping Byrnes by fighting to end her conservatorship, but that they would remain focused on Spears until she was officially free.

Radford added that the group would also aim to raise awareness about conservatorship abuse through future public events.

Another unnamed supporter stated: "Conservatorship reform does not stop with Britney. There are so many other people in the United States that have been abused by the conservatorship system."

Noting that Bynes and Spears had both been placed under conservatorship at the age of 26, he said he had been 'fighting for Amanda Bynes' on his YouTube channel.

He continued: "Even though I do believe Amanda and Britny's situations are different, Amanda Bynes shouldn't be under a conservatorship because that's the last resort."

Someone else added: "We have to free Amanda Bynes next," although they also agreed that 'her situation is a little different'.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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