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​Avril Lavigne's First TikTok Video With Tony Hawk Is Sparking Huge Nostalgia

​Avril Lavigne's First TikTok Video With Tony Hawk Is Sparking Huge Nostalgia

Avril Lavigne has teamed up with pro-skater Tony Hawk for the ultimate hit of early 00s nostalgia

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Ladies and gentleman, Avril Lavigne has just joined TikTok and her first video does NOT disappoint - giving fans the ultimate dose of 00s nostalgia with special guest Tony Hawk. Watch it here:

Yep, while TikTok is more commonly associated with Generation Z, Lavigne is helping millennials reclaim the app by taking them back to their misspent youth.

Lavigne, 36, rose to fame in the early 2000s with her debut studio album Let Go, which spawned instant hits including Complicated and, of course, Sk8er Boi - a tune that makes an appearance in her first TikTok video.

In fact, she's even roped in the the OG skater boy: none other than Mr Tony Hawk, who is known as much for his professional skating as his hugely popular video game series Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, which launched in 1999.

TikTok/Avril Lavigne

Lavigne wrote in the caption: "He was a... @tonyhawk."

In the video, we see Lavigne lip-syncing to the song in her trademark punk-rock get-up (stripy tie and all), sitting at the top of a skate ramp.

The camera then cuts to Hawk, 53, who smiles to viewers as he poses at the top of the ramp - now wearing Lavigne's tie - before smoothly dropping down to bust out a few tricks.

TikTok/Avril Lavigne

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the unexpected TikTok collaboration has given many people all the feels.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Okay apparently we're reliving 2002-2005 rn bc Avril Lavigne just made her TikTok debut with Tony Hawk?!?!? I'm obsessed."

He's still got it.
TikTok/Avril Lavigne

Someone else said: "When you wake up and the time machine brings you back to 2002 era Avril Lavigne and Tony Hawk in a TikTok video? Yes."

A third wrote: "Avril Lavigne giving us a nostalgia is the cure that the world needed."

Many others also noted how Lavigne 'literally did not age', saying she looks uncannily similar to her Let Go era as she rocks the long, blonde hair, baggy shorts, vest and loose tie.

"I see the Avril Lavigne's clone has been refreshed," one joked.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Avril Lavigne

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