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​Brad Pitt Once Bid $120k For 'Date' With Emilia Clarke

​Brad Pitt Once Bid $120k For 'Date' With Emilia Clarke

Emilia was asked if she wanted to auction something off for a charity event, but didn't expect quite that level of money to be involved

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

When you're the Mother of Dragons you'd expect to have a bit of a fan club, but Emilia Clarke has revealed that she's got quite an unlikely superfan in a fellow actor - a certain Mr Brad Pitt, who once bid $120,000 (£90,000) in a silent auction to hang out with her:

Spilling all on the Graham Norton Show last night, Emilia referred to it as 'the best night' of her life. Understandable, really, given that there wasn't just someone bidding a whopping $120k for the joy of her company, but that someone was only Hollywood royalty Brad Pitt.

Emilia had been told that this 'auction thing' was happening, and was asked if she wanted to auction something off. As it was up for charity, she was game.

"They called me and said 'Do you want to auction something off?' Like maybe an experience, watching the show with [me] or something," she said.


But it turned out the 'auction thing' was a charity ball hosted by Sean Penn, Creative Artists Agency's Bryan Lourd and Sean and Alexander Parker - which was also attended by the likes of Lena Dunham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Segel, Connie Britton, Patricia Arquette and Mark Burnett. So kind of a big deal.

"I get there and it's basically the Oscars," Emilia continued.

"There are so many celebrities in this room, and I suddenly remember that I said that I'd auction something off. So, the fear grows. I was petrified, absolutely petrified.

"The person whose table I was at was being very kind, and put the paddle up [to bid on me], and I was like 'Thanks very much'... And then someone else's paddle went up across the room, and I didn't really know. Suddenly, it was becoming a bit of money!

"I was thinking 'This is absolutely mental!' Somebody went 'Ooh, it's Brad Pitt!' I was like 'LOL, sure!' But then I look over and he's got his paddle up."


Sadly, Brad didn't win, as he was outbid by someone else - unlucky fella.

According to Variety, the auction started at $20,000 (£15,000). Pitt's first offer of $80,000 (£59,000) was put on the table, which was then raised to $90,000 (£66,000).

At this point, Kit Harington - who plays the brooding Jon Snow - returned from the bogs and agreed to sit in on the viewing to bulk out the prize.

It was then that Pitt's interest must have been piqued even more as he upped his bid to a whopping $120,000, but it proved to not be quite enough, being outbid by someone who ended the auction at $160,000 (£118,000).

Featured Image Credit: PA

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