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Clip Of Cardi B Throwing A Shoe Resurfaces After Her Brawl With Nicki Minaj

Clip Of Cardi B Throwing A Shoe Resurfaces After Her Brawl With Nicki Minaj

Cardi B reportedly threw a shoe at Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week and it seems this isn't the first time she's done it

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Cardi B: she looks sweet and innocent in many of her social media snaps until she posts a video giving people shit and her no-filter, feisty personality creeps out to make an appearance. Put it this way - you wouldn't want beef with the rapper, that's for sure.

Unless you're Nicki Minaj maybe, because the pair seem to have got into quite the altercation at a New York Fashion Week Party.

According to an eye-witness, the 25-year-old allegedly 'lunged' at Minaj and tried to 'kick and punch' her, leading to the Anaconda singer's security breaking up the two women and Cardi throwing a shoe at her opponent.

Now, removing your shoe in order to launch it at your rival seems to be a rather thought through move, doesn't it? And it would seem one that Cardi B has had some practice with.

That's right - this isn't her first rodeo. Last year, during a reunion special for Love & Hip Hop the new mum chucked her weapon of choice, a bright red stiletto, at co-star, Asia.

According to the MailOnline, Nina Parker, host of the VH1 reality show, had been asking Asia about texts she had sent her boyfriend - music producer Swift - that mentioned Cardi.

But, before Asia can reply, Cardi B kneels down to take her shoe off and tries to pummel Asia with it as the rest of the cast gasps.


The shoe lands with a thud on Asia's chest as Cardi B screams "Nah that's what happens when you talk shit. Don't you know New York bitches are savages?"

Well, if she didn't, she sure as hell does now.

After the commotion died down, Cardi B addresses the fact that she flirted with Asia's boyfriend.

Adding: "At the end of the day, you still didn't like me. You judge women like me. You judged me before you knew me."


"I had a reason," Asia shoots back. Ut oh.

"What was the reason? What was the reason bitch!" Cardi B then begins to scream. "You judged me because I was a stripper, say the truth!"

Well that escalated quickly - similarly to the recent feud between the musicians at NYFW.

The two were caught on video going head-to-head at the Harper's Bazaar ICONS party at The Plaza Hotel in New York on Friday, where Cardi B was escorted out wearing just one shoe (because we know what she did with the other) and sporting a golf ball-sized bump on her forehead.

Now, people are telling her to 'drop a diss track' - following in the footsteps of Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, we see. Oh here we go.

Featured Image Credit: VH1

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