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​How James Corden Went From Everyone's Favourite Funnyman To One Of The World's Most Hated

Jess Hardiman

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​How James Corden Went From Everyone's Favourite Funnyman To One Of The World's Most Hated

James Corden has long been the subject of disdain for Brits, but after conquering the American scene it seems the comedian's jokes are wearing a little thin on his short-suffering Stateside audience, too.

After he hosted the 2018 Grammy Awards yesterday, Americans even started asking when they could 'give him back'.

But what happened? When and how did the celeb fall from grace? And if so many people find him irritating, why is he still seemingly everywhere?



But while these isolated incidents will have contributed to the widespread resentment, there's no denying that the underlying hostility existed long before.


Over on Reddit's Out of the Loop section, someone has recently asked where the hate actually stemmed from. Sure, we're all aware of the fact that Corden's not particularly popular with some, but when - or what - was the turning point?

One Reddit user, Taxusbaccata, has had a stab, offering that he's a 'comic actor' masquerading as a comedian, adding that it could also be as simple as the fact that he was 'overexposed' after Gavin and Stacey, and that he essentially peaked too soon.

Another, MattadorGuitar, reckons it's because 'he relies heavily on celebrity cameos, rather than clever and original comedy' - a fair shout, given the roaring success of his Carpool Karaoke series.


Bloodfoxtrue adds: "This question might be a bit dated, but I think it's a good one. I'm not entirely sure myself, but I think it's mostly people being judgmental, even if the target of their criticism is not really linked to any controversies."

Another solid point, given that people oddly often seem more rattled by Corden for just being 'a bit annoying', than they are for him appearing to be making light of sexual assault.

Others on the thread speculate that it's simply to do with his comedy being 'bland', while some highlight that his British humour doesn't translate overseas.

Mind you, regardless of whether it's the controversies he's linked to, his 'punchable' face or something else altogether that winds you up, it doesn't seem like Corden's going anywhere anytime soon - judging by his 10.2 million followers on Twitter, ongoing chat show series and the several films due out this year.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Jess Hardiman
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