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Jim Carrey Criticised Over Awkward Joke To Margot Robbie

Jim Carrey Criticised Over Awkward Joke To Margot Robbie

The actors appeared on last night's The Graham Norton Show

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Jim Carrey has caused a bit of a stir over a joke he made to Margot Robbie on last night's The Graham Norton Show.

The 58-year-old was sat on the couch along the Aussie actress and made a quip which insinuated she was only a huge success because of her good looks.

Turning to the I, Tonya star and said: "You're really something, Margot Robbie. It's incredible you got as far as you have with your obvious physical disadvantages. That's pure talent there. That's a talent override there."

Robbie laughed at the comment, but some viewers at home were less than impressed and took to social media to slam Carrey for the remark.

One person wrote: "Did Jim Carrey just tell Margot Robbie she's got where she is because of her looks? Can't stand the man tbh."

Another wrote: "Did anyone else think Jim Carrey comment about Margot Robbie on The Graham Norton Show was not okay. She's an amazing actress and now a successful producer, had it been a male actor in her seat I doubt Jim Carrey would have commented on their 'obvious physical disadvantages'."


While a third chipped in: "Did Jim Carrey seriously insinuate that Margot Robbie only got where she is because of her looks? She's only a bloody Oscar nominee! I thought we were past this people."

Others were slightly less nuanced and called him a 'massive knob' and 'creep'.

Meanwhile Robbie was praised for her 'classy' reaction, with one person posting: "Shameful moment. I cringed but Margot handled the idiot with grace and poise!"

A second added: "How Margot Robbie kept her composure when Jim Carrey almost flat out said she'd only got where she was on looks alone I'll never know."

Whatever the public's reaction, Robbie can console herself with the fact she's been nominated for an Oscar - something Carrey is yet to achieve since breaking into the industry in 1980, a whole decade before Robbie was born.

The 29-year-old is up for a Best Supporting Actress gong at this year's awards for her role in Bombshell, while Once Upon A Time in Hollywood - in which she starred as Sharon Tate - is nominated for a number of awards, including Best Picture.

Despite the nomination, Robbie isn't resting on her laurels, she's in the UK as part of her press tour for Birds of Prey, the Harley Quinn/Suicide Squad spin-off.

Birds of Prey hits cinemas on 7 February.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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