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Joe Rogan Says He Had Explosive Diarrhoea During Month Of Carnivore Diet

Joe Rogan Says He Had Explosive Diarrhoea During Month Of Carnivore Diet

'It needs to have a new name, diarrhoea is not strong enough for what I was experiencing'

If you're considering going full carnivore, you may want to stock up on your three-ply bog roll beforehand, according to Joe Rogan.

Reporting back on his podcast after a month of only eating meat (and plenty of vitamin supplements), the 52-year-old said he suffered from prolonged and very messy toilet trips.

When asked about the 'explosive diarrhoea', Rogan replied: "It needs to have a new name, diarrhoea is not strong enough for what I was experiencing. It was like someone was tapping into an oil well - I have pictures, you wanna see pictures?"

You're alright actually, Joe.

Recounting his carnivorous doctor's explanation for why this happened, Joe said: "He seems to think that it has to do with the colon having to adjust to the fact your body doesn't have any dietary fibre.

"So you're not taking in any rice or bread or anything that's going to absorb the water, so your body's like, 'What do I do with all this liquid?! It's coming out the a**hole, wooooooooh!'"

We can all empathise with his predicament - everyone has tummy trouble from time to time - but this was no one-off explosion. This s**t was prolonged.

Asked how long it went on for, he replied: "Two weeks. Two weeks of rocket fuel coming out of your booty. At the end of two weeks, my body adjusted, and it's not a problem at all."

Indeed, if you've not been well and truly put off a meat-only diet, the host actually said he was feeling much better as a result of the diet and said everyone should give it a try.

Joe seemed to think his toilet trouble was worth it on the whole (but probably not on the hole).
The Joe Rogan Experience

He said: "When you have no carbohydrates, one of the things that's most amazing is that there's no crashing, you would eat and you don't feel any different after you ate other than the fact you don't feel hungry. You don't crash, there's no ups and downs and peaks and valleys, my energy levels were amazing.

"Two weeks in I noticed I felt amazing, and I was shedding weight.

"What I did was I just took a lot of multi-vitamins, a bunch of different vitamins and nutrient supplements, on top of this carnivore diet - so I'm only eating meat.

"I'm covering all of my nutritional bases but I'm not doing it with food, I'm not doing it with plants, I'm only eating grass-fed meat or elk, and then on top of that I'm taking in fat from bacon.

"This is what I would say: just try it, try a carnivore diet, and I think you'll be amazed at how good you feel."

If you're feeling brave then, head down to Aldi and pick up a month's worth of elk. Alternatively, you could go completely the opposite way and take the advice of former MMA fighter James Wilks, who has pushed the benefits of a plant-based diet in The Game Changers.

Honestly, I don't know which bald hard man to take my diet advice from anymore.

Featured Image Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience

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