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Steve-O Celebrates 13 Years Of Sobriety

Steve-O Celebrates 13 Years Of Sobriety

The stunt performer and Jackass star has fought multiple addictions to get to where he is today

Will Fitzpatrick

Will Fitzpatrick

Jackass star Steve-O celebrated 13 years of sobriety yesterday (Wednesday 10 March) and marked the occasion by showing how far he's come, with a shout-out to his friend and co-star Johnny Knoxville.

Posting on Facebook, the 46-year-old shared two pictures of himself - one of him looking somewhat worse for wear in 2006, surrounded by what appears to be nitrous oxide cannisters, and another of him recreating the pose in the present day.

In the updated photo he appears much healthier, holding carrots and a healthy-looking drink, and with the cannisters replaced by vegetables.


Alongside the contrasting images, he posted: "So grateful to be celebrating thirteen years of sobriety today... thanks to everyone who helped me make it this far and, as always, thanks to @johnnyknoxville for giving me the loving nudge that started my journey!"

It's an achievement worth celebrating, and his followers certainly agreed, replying to his post in their droves.

One fan wrote: "So happy for this picture right here. I grew up watching you tearing yourself apart, I'm just so happy to be able to also watch you put yourself back together and find happiness."

Another added: "You're an inspiration to us all brother! Thank you for keeping the lights on for a guy like me."

While a third person took encouragement from the post, adding: "I just hit 9 months of sobriety. You're a huge inspiration and I love hearing your story."

Steve-O and his partner Lux Wright.

Even while enjoying the success of an award-winning TV show, Steve-O's career has seen him battle mental health issues and addictions to cocaine, alcohol, ketamine, PCP and nitrous oxide.

On the fifth anniversary of his sobriety, he told US Weekly he had been greatly helped by his pet dogs.

He told the publication: "I just think back to before I had my dogs and my life must have been just so empty. I shouldn't say empty, but I can't believe how much those little sons of bitches have enriched my life.

"It's so good for a guy like me to have a priority that's not myself and have a regimen and discipline and responsibility that's all very healthy."

However, if you're concerned that sobriety might have affected his stunt career, there's no need to panic. Earlier this year it emerged that Steve-O had 115 gallons of urine in his front yard because he'd been collecting it for a world record stunt.


"Right now there's like 115 gallons of pee in the front yard because I'm collecting it for this world record stunt I'm about to do," Steve-o told his followers on YouTube, as his partner Lux Wright sat alongside him.

"Lux isn't just cool with that, she's actually collecting her pee for me too," he continued.

Steve-O didn't confirm what the stunt would entail, but... well, it's hard not to be curious, isn't it?

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Steve-O

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