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​West Ham Fans Sing Rude Chant As Player Starts Dating Dani Dyer

​West Ham Fans Sing Rude Chant As Player Starts Dating Dani Dyer

While they haven’t confirmed their supposed new romance, spectators at Sunday’s away game against Tottenham Hotspur couldn’t help themselves

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

West Ham fans have made up an x-rated chant for player Jarrod Bowen amid rumours he's started dating Love Island star Dani Dyer.

While the pair haven't confirmed their supposed new romance, spectators at Sunday's away game against Tottenham Hotspur just couldn't help themselves and started singing about them.

Spurs fans reportedly began chanting rude songs about the duo, but the West Ham lot took the chance to praise Bowen - while also giving a cheeky shoutout to Dyer, 25.

"Bowen's on fire and he's sh***ing Dani Dyer," they could be heard yelling repeatedly during the game, with video footage capturing fans singing the song as Bowen walked off-pitch.

Many others also shared the chant on social media afterwards, with tweets from 17 October suggesting it may have been used at West Ham's game against Everton as well.

Jarrod Bowen.

Neither Dyer nor Bowen, 24, have addressed the chant publicly, although insiders told The Sun that Dyer is 'really embarassed' about the whole thing, not least because her father is a huge West Ham fan.

Dyer is, of course, the daughter of actor Danny Dyer - something that can no doubt get quite confusing if you're shouting upstairs to one of them to come down for tea.

Appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show back in 2019, Dyer revealed the real reason she's got - more or less - the same name as dad Danny and it's all down to her mum, Joanne Mas, who wanted to get one up on her partner and any future love interests he might have.

She said her mum had wanted to name her daughter after Danny so 'no other woman can do it' should he get with someone else.


"They got together when they were 14, had me at 19," she explained.

"He was a young actor and wanted to have fun. My mum was like, 'If he wants to get with another woman, and have a baby' - she knows how women think - 'if they had a son, she'd call him Danny.'

"So, she got in there first. My mum was like, 'I'm going to call her Dani so no other woman can do it.'"

Dani continued to say she wasn't particularly impressed by the revelation, adding: "I was like, 'Mum, you think that far ahead? No wonder I'm the same as you!'"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@danidyerxx

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