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Adele has iconic moment in crowd before England score penalty against Netherlands

Adele has iconic moment in crowd before England score penalty against Netherlands

The queen of reactions was all of us watching Harry Kane's penalty last night

Adele had an iconic moment in the crowd before England scored the equalising penalty against the Netherlands last night (10 July).

Yep, the queen of savage expressions and reactions was at the BVB Stadion Dortmund in Germany for the Three Lion’s Euro 2024 semi-final, watching on as the lads brought it home.

Sitting just a few rows behind from fellow singer Ed Sheeran, the ‘Easy on Me’ star was just as nervous as the rest of us, as captain Harry Kane prepared for the penalty in the first half.

Despite it being a controversial one, he slotted it in and equalised before Ollie Watkins’ iconic goal in the 90th minute secured England’s spot in the Euros final. But even though we got there in the end, things were of course pretty tense, with Adele summing it up perfectly.

The star watched on as Kane took the pen. ( X/ @oliverpocher)
The star watched on as Kane took the pen. ( X/ @oliverpocher)

A video from in the crowd showed tensions building as boos from the Netherlands fans could be heard and those in the stands for England got increasingly nervous.

And of course, plenty of us just want silence in those sacred seconds. Give Kane some calm, let us sh*t ourselves and shut up while we all channel the ball going into the goal.

So as Adele watched on nervously, she ended up turning to the noisy fans and giving a big ‘shut up’. You can practically hear her accent just from watching her say it, without really hearing her.

Fans called the singer ‘such a gem’ as many this morning say they ‘cannot stop thinking about this’.

Others wrote: “Mothers outsideee,” as plenty echoed: “SHUT UP.”

And as Kane banged the ball in, the ‘Hello’ singer remained on her feet, cheering, clapping and waving at the lads on the pitch.

The 36-year-old wasn’t quite in a full fan get up, remaining more low-key in a white top and long black coat.

She is all of us. ( X/ @oliverpocher)
She is all of us. ( X/ @oliverpocher)

Further into the stands though, Sheeran could be seen cheering on the lads in his football shirt.

Last night had plenty to celebrate, as we all anxiously wait for Sunday to come round so we can see it finally, hopefully, come home.

Fans at The Killers concert in London had an incredible celebration, as the rock band showed the final moments of the match. Then, as it was confirmed England had won and the audience began to cheer, the band launched into ‘Mr Brightdside’. Banging.

Featured Image Credit: X/ @oliverpocher

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