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Celebrity Big Brother star Lauren Simon reveals ‘real reason’ Louis Walsh entered the show

Celebrity Big Brother star Lauren Simon reveals ‘real reason’ Louis Walsh entered the show

She reckons she knows his motive for going on the show

Lauren Simon has spoken out about why she thinks Louis Walsh joined Celebrity Big Brother.

She left the house earlier this week and since then has been spilling some beans on why she thinks one of her more controversial housemates decided to go on the show.

Walsh himself has said that part of his motivation for joining Celebrity Big Brother was realising 'life is too short' as he lost some people from his life.

"I don't want to be in my final chapter, I want to live. I want to enjoy myself," he told the Mirror of his reason for going on the reality show.

"I don't want to die. But then it makes sense that you get to this age and think, why not? Life’s too short.

"I’ve lost some people in my life recently and that changes you. I went to two funerals. Yeah, It’s a reality check, for sure. It makes you think about what life is all about. It makes you rethink what’s important and what you care about."

His fellow housemate Lauren Simon has been talking about Walsh's motivations and it sounds like she thinks something similar.

Lauren Simon has been talking about Louis Walsh.

Speaking to The Sun, Simon said she was pretty sure she knew why he was on Celebrity Big Brother.

She said: "He's been in the business for years. He's been booed, he's been you know, he's had people say nasty things about him in the X factor.

"Louis Walsh is not interested. He has his own quiet life at home, and he's very happy and he just did it for a bit of a laugh.

"Do you not think he's come on there and he knows exactly what he's saying and what he's doing. He doesn't care!"

Walsh has certainly been acting like someone who is relatively unconcerned about the reaction he might get once he steps outside the house.

He's been calling out some of his former clients.

He faced a major backlash - not that he knows it yet - from singing duo Jedward after he called them 'vile' and they unleashed a torrent of claims about him.

Some people even want Jedward to go into the house for a climactic confrontation with Walsh.

Simon herself said she was 'so shocked' when she heard his comments about Jedward, adding that she 'couldn't believe he was actually saying that'.

"He wasn't like that with me. Honestly, he was really, really dun. Dry sense of humour." she said, before adding: "Ricky Gervais sense of humour, but not not nasty."

Jedward aren't the only ones Walsh has badmouthed while on Celebrity Big Brother, as he also said Ronan Keating was 'such a prick' who 'hasn't had a hit record since I left'.

It's certainly going to be an interesting moment when he leaves the house.

LADbible has contacted Louis Walsh's representatives for comment.

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