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Gemma Collins ‘shocked’ over Louis Walsh’s Jedward comments as she jumps in to publicly defend singers

Gemma Collins ‘shocked’ over Louis Walsh’s Jedward comments as she jumps in to publicly defend singers

One does not simply come for Jedward like that...

Gemma Collins has waded into the sudden stir over Louis Walsh's comments about Jedward on Celebrity Big Brother.

If you've been out of the loop on this, the former X Factor judge has been on Celebrity Big Brother and slammed the brotherly boyband as 'vile' while chatting to Coronation Street star Colson Smith.

He said: "They were vile... I done five million quid with them, I swear on my mother’s life.

"They were vile, they were novelty, they were great for the show."

As you might have guessed, Jedward didn't take this criticism lying down as they published a long list of tweets packed with claims about Louis Walsh and promised 'justice will be served'.

Now Gemma Collins has entered the fray and rather decisively chosen the side of Jedward if her latest Instagram activity is anything to go by. Take a look below:

Posting on her Instagram Stories, Collins filmed her TV showing the clip of Walsh as she criticised him for his comments.

"Louis don't be slagging off my boys, they're not vile," she said before the camera panned over to her table to reveal that none other than John and Edward Grimes sitting there watching telly with her.

"They're beautiful in every single way."

It was then that one half of Jedward (I don't know which one, they look very similar) hit out at Walsh as well.

He said: "I can't believe we're even watching you on the show, you're like a cat with nine lives.

Gemma Collins and Jedward have hit back at Louis Walsh.

"How much time can you slag off your acts? Girls Aloud, Boyzone, Ronan Keating, absolutely a disgrace.

"You're a senile man who did nothing for us, who had no ideas, you aren't even a manager. Simon Cowell made you who you are, it's absolutely ridiculous.

"How dare you be on Big Brother? I know why Gemma's interviewing us but honestly talk about throwing someone in the deep end, you're like a cat with nine lives..

"We're sick of it, you didn't do anything for us. You were a person with not a brain between the two ears. You're on Big Brother, you're there but your lights aren't on."

Collins' next video was of whichever half of Jedward hadn't just said that as he sat at her table with a chicken dinner in front of him.

He said: "First of all, Louis Walsh was never our manager, we met him four times.

"He never sent us flowers and disrespected our mom multiple times, he tried to get us into dodgy contracts that without our mom we would have signed."

The other brother then cut in to claim that Walsh tried to 'sign our life away to people that we're not gonna name'.

"How dare you, on television, try to define us when you're all those things," he said.

"Have you listened to what you've done to your other acts? Boyzone, Girls Aloud, Westlife, they all hate you."

They then called Walsh a 'bitter old man' before Collins told the pair to eat their dinners.

She then said she had nothing against Louis Walsh personally but proclaimed he was very wrong about Jedward, calling them 'the nicest, sweetest, talented, well-mannered boys' and described herself as 'shocked' at Walsh's comments.

LADbible has contacted ITV and Louis Walsh's representatives for comment.

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