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Netflix producer shares key difference between interviewing David and Victoria Beckham

Netflix producer shares key difference between interviewing David and Victoria Beckham

Fisher Stevens has opened up about interviewing David and Victoria Beckham for their new Netflix documentary.

Producer Fisher Stevens has opened up about interviewing Victoria and David Beckham for the new Netflix series Beckham.

The new, four-part series sees former footballer David, 48, open up about his career and marriage to ex-Spice Girls star Victoria, 48, as well as his upbringing and battles with the media.

Fisher, 59, produced the series and spent hours interviewing both David and Victoria in a bid to learn everything about their lives.

Ahead of starting work on the project, Fisher admitted he told David he'd have to open up if they wanted to work together, as he wanted to get 'to the essence' of the footballer's 'demons and fears'.

It's safe to say David opened up like never before in Beckham, with Fisher saying his 'emotional range' was 'quite shocking'.

David Beckham opened up on his life and career for a Netflix series.

Speaking to The Independent, the producer said: “I don’t think that was easy for him. Before I met him, I assumed he was this shallow person without much to say, whose life was kind of perfect. And I realised that that’s not the case at all.”

Fisher conducted over 30 hours of interviews with the former Manchester United ace across over 10 sessions, and he admitted that, at times, he felt like David's therapist.

In contrast, Victoria was "much more used to self-reflection", according to Fisher, who sat down with the fashion designer for around 15 hours of interviews.

Fisher Stevens produced Netflix series Beckham.
Michael Marsland/Getty

He explained: “[Victoria] has a reputation of being kind of tough and sour. She was never like that with me. Funny, witty, fast. Unlike David, she was much more used to being reflective."

David has never had therapy, whereas his wife has been open about attending therapy sessions, making their interviews wildly different.

"David never had therapy. I felt at times like I was his therapist. Victoria, as she admits in the film, has had therapy, and was much more used to self-reflection," Fisher told The Independent.

The producer also admitted that some of the topics he spoke to David about didn't make it into the series, including the criticism he faced for for serving as an ambassador to the Qatari World Cup in 2022.

Victoria Beckham speaks about her life with husband David in Netflix's Beckham.

As well as David and Victoria, a number of other famous faces are also interviewed in Beckham some of football’s biggest names.

Sir Alex Ferguson, Rio Ferdinand, Gary Neville and Cristiano Ronaldo are among the celebrities featured in the series, alongside members of David's family, who also gave interviews about his life.

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