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KSI baffles fans after making incredible admission about his younger brother Deji

KSI baffles fans after making incredible admission about his younger brother Deji

The social media sensation has many talents, but his memory doesn't seem to be one of them

KSI has come out with some right corkers over the years, but his latest admission about his younger brother has really took the biscuit.

If you didn't know, social media success runs in the Olatunji family as his sibling Deji is also a YouTube star as well as a professional boxer.

Deji has been in the ring with the likes of Floyd Mayweather, has made a name for himself in his own right online and has even dabbled in the music game, so don't think all the talent went to his big brother.

There's only three years between the pair, so it's no surprise they run in the same circles and have similar friends too.

Deji recently joined his brother's pals Chunkz and Yung Filly for an appearance on their podcast The Chunkz and Filly Show, where the subject of his famous family obviously came up.

As the chinwag got underway, the 27-year-old started discussing the fact that Deji isn't actually his full, government name - it's just an abbreviation.

He explained that the traditional Nigerian name his parents - Olajide and Yinka - gave him is Oladeji Olawale Olatunde Daniel Olatunji, while saying that he shortens it for simplicity.

KSI and Deji with their mum Yinka.

Deji said that the repetition of 'Ola' in his moniker usually suggests the person has royal ancestors, however, in his case it means 'the joy has come twice'. How sweet is that?

Although his parents obviously put a lot of thought into what they would like their son to take through life, KSI clearly wasn't as concerned about what his brother was called.

The Sidemen star obviously had to have a look at what Deji was nattering about on the podcast and he filmed his reaction to some of the snippets, including the one where his brother divulged his complete moniker.

In the clip, KSI is seen intently watching the footage before suddenly exclaiming: "Huh? Huh? Nah wait, what? Ola-what? Olawale? What? Nah, I know there is a Daniel in there. Hold on, let me see this again."

The YouTube star wasn't aware of his younger brother's full name.

He then rewinded the clip to confirm he'd heard Deji right and then added: "Huh?! Bro, why are yous saying it so fast? Ola - nah brother, I don't believe it."

Basically, if it hasn't clicked yet, KSI - whose real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji - had no clue about his brother's full name and was seemingly living under the illusion that he was called Deji. How wrong was he.

Social media users can't believe his huge knowledge gap either and rinsed him for his poor memory online.

One fan said: "Bro doesn't believe his own brothers name, lmao."

Another joked: "Been calling him Deji so long he’s forgot."

And a third suggested that Deji could try and make some money from his brother's slip up by creating a YouTube video based on his comments, saying: "Next video: 'My brother doesn't know me'.''

Featured Image Credit: X/KSINews/Instagram/Deji

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